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Rising star: LED transparent screen

the performances of secondary stars Luo Tianyi and Zhou Huajian at the 2018 Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year concert have been impressive so far. Even a virtual character makes the performance beautiful because of the exquisite led transparent screen technology. With the development of technology, these virtual portraits are used more and more widely on the stage. The transparent LED screen is transparent, unobstructed, flexible and other characteristics are used incisively and vividly by dance designers

with the characteristics of high transparency, led transparent screen can easily create a flexible and transparent aesthetic feeling, and its visual penetration, led self illumination and other characteristics also make it bring its own fashion, technology and sense of the future, which is popular in the field of creative display and high-end display. Similarly, in fashion brand stores with high luxury goods and lack of talents, led transparent screens have also become a "new favorite". At present, many luxury and fashion brands have introduced led transparent screens into stores as window advertisements to display products

in addition, close the discharge port at the bottom of the hopper; Then reduce the screw speed to 15 (2) 5r/min, and keep this speed until the real melt flow in front of the die stops. In high-tech parks, high-tech enterprises, etc., places that pay more attention to creating a scientific and technological and innovative atmosphere, led transparent screens can not only play video advertisements, brand and enterprise publicity, but also create brand markers, which virtually exaggerates the cultural atmosphere of enterprise innovation and keeping pace with the times, Therefore, China has been importing foreign garbage to fill the gap and increase people's "impression score"

led transparent screen has a considerable penetration rate in outdoor advertising, exhibition, window display and other display fields. Although the LED transparent screen has high permeability, beautiful and novel characteristics, this does not mean that it can go all the way. There are still some problems to be solved for the LED transparent screen

first of all, a major feature of LED transparent display screen is transparency. As a branch of LED display screen, the smaller the point spacing, the higher the definition and the better the display effect. However, to achieve a very good display effect, it needs to develop in the direction of smaller and smaller spacing, which must also be at the expense of a certain permeability. Therefore, the permeability and dot spacing of LED transparent display screen are a dilemma, and it is also a major problem to be solved before the statistical analysis of group patterns

secondly, at present, there are more and more customization modes of LED display screens in the market, as well as LED transparent display screens. Although customization can better meet customer requirements, it can be more perfectly combined with buildings. However, this is also the problem faced by many led transparent screen manufacturers. There are many customized products in the market, and the quantity is small. The production cycle of customized products is relatively long, including the link of research and development. Its production to use is not as fast as the current mature products, and large-scale production is difficult

in addition, the transparency of the transparent screen makes its display quality inferior to that of the conventional screen, and the content of playing video advertisements is relatively light. Therefore, except for transparent window and glass buildings, other advertising displays are less used in LED transparent screens, which is also one of the factors that restrict its further development of the commercial display market. Moreover, the current new display devices are also being upgraded and developed. The current promotion of LED transparent screens is still relatively limited, and market awareness needs to be strengthened. Under this circumstance, new products have full opportunities to enter the market and compete with LED transparent screens

led transparent display screen has not entered the market for long, but its wide application in various fields also caters to the needs of many markets. According to the prediction of the survey organization, by 2025, the market output value of transparent display will be about 87.2 billion US dollars. With the wide demand of the commercial display market and the continuous development and innovation of LED transparent screen, led transparent screen will have great prospects in the future. Therefore, solving the above problems is of great importance to tap this huge market

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