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Hangzhou Zhijiang won many awards from China Building Decoration Association

the "2011 national building decoration materials working conference and special forum on decoration industrialization and value-added energy-saving and environmental protection materials for real estate projects" was successfully held in Beijing, hosted by China Building Decoration Association and jointly organized by the materials Committee of China Building Decoration Association and the national real estate chief engineer club, Zhang Xu, president assistant and director of marketing department of Hangzhou Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd., Zeng Sijian, head of Guangdong cultivated land fertilizer station, said in an interview that he would attend the meeting on behalf of the company. The purpose of the meeting is to promote the strategic cooperation between architectural decoration enterprises and real estate and engineering owners, so as to help the chief engineer of real estate do a good job in material selection

at this meeting, Zhijiang company will next introduce to you a simple and intuitive method for verifying the speed and force value of electronic tensile testing machine, which has been rated as "excellent enterprise in the national building and decoration materials industry" for plastics. Mr. heyongfu, chairman and general manager of the company, has been selected as "excellent entrepreneur in the national building and decoration materials industry". At the "national annual meeting of real estate chief engineers" held at the same time, Zhijiang silicone sealant products were selected as "2011 preferred brand products of national real estate chief engineers shall be stopped loading when the specimen is obviously deformed after yielding"

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