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Jianglu company organized the special study of the two-level Party committee central group in March

Jianglu company organized the special study of the two-level Party committee central group in March

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on March 10, the two-level Party committee Central group of the company organized the special study in the conference room 206 of the Convention and Exhibition Center to study and discuss the signed article "the call of spring" published by Yin Jiaxu, chairman and Secretary of the Party group company, on the China military industry news published on March 2. The study of the central group of the two-level Party committee was presided over by ligangli, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company. The company's leaders, the company's general assistant leaders, the main heads of the company's party and mass departments and functional management departments, and the party and government leaders of the industrial development company and the company's secondary units participated in the study

ligangli read the full text of the call of spring and comprehensively interpreted the article in combination with the actual situation of the company

during the exchange of learning experience, he proposed that because its damage to the skin is becoming more and more obvious, there is only a dream for the future. As the dream of Jianglu group, it should be to build an advanced tank and armored vehicle factory of Chinese weapons; Build a first-class comprehensive transmission device production base of China's weapons; Build a well-known military electrical machinery factory of China's ordnance; Build a research and production base for tower cranes among the top three in China. If you have a dream, you should follow the trend, take advantage of it, and take advantage of it. If we want to drive into the fast lane of development, we must take advantage of the momentum to maintain stable military orders; Maintain the scientific research of more than two models of military products every year; Capacity building should be sufficient to support the development and production of the three major military products; In the management of civilian products, we should turn losses into profits and achieve the same scale and efficiency. In terms of structural adjustment, we should do a good job in the four operations of "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" and play a good "combined fist" in structural adjustment. To do "addition" is to strengthen the construction of three major military products and civilian tower cranes based on the advantageous resources of Jianglu group and around the foundation of the factory; To do "subtraction" is to subtract the investment in civilian products that have no prospects for development and are hopeless to turn losses around, and to reduce the investment, institutions, surplus personnel, management and auxiliary personnel, and costs that cannot bring positive benefits; To do "multiplication" is to work hard on lean production, improve the design, process, management and production of the company through innovation and improvement, and realize the multiple growth of value; To do "division" is to dare to take responsibility and risk on the basis of "subtraction", and get rid of shortcomings in personnel, labor and capital, and salary with greater courage, so as to realize that cadres can be promoted or demoted, personnel can enter or leave, and income can be reduced, so as to maximize benefits and minimize losses. Reform must focus on Problems and dare to take things seriously. The focus of Jianglu reform is to focus on building a harmonious Jianglu, pay attention to the reform of military products production, scientific research management, personnel management, capacity-building and other aspects, further stimulate the vitality of leaders, managers, scientific and technological personnel, skilled personnel, further improve the advanced digital and information level of the company's capacity-building, and create a practical, easy-to-use, durable and beautiful production line. Without customers, there is no market; Without market, enterprises will lose the soil of existence. Therefore, taking customers as the center and creating value for customers is the only reason. How to surprise customers, our products only show their strength in the National Day parade and various exercises, reflect their advantages in the comparison of the size tolerance of plastic parts formed with plastic with moderate and stable shrinkage characteristics, 120, 130 and 140, show quality in use, and feel standardized in production, which is to be reassuring military products and safe civilian products. Simple is beautiful. We should be down-to-earth, start from the foundation, do simple things well, make simple work to the extreme, and control waste to the minimum

Yan zhe pointed out in his discussion speech that the chairman of the group company yinjiaxu published the "spring of weapons" last year, which aroused the resonance of the whole system. This year, he published the call of spring, which once again triggered a reflection on the current situation, difficulties and problems throughout the system, sent a message and issued a call for reform. How to solve the difficulties and problems is to grasp the current general trend, do a good job in the reform work, complete the military production tasks and scientific research tasks, and create a good foundation for development. Civil products should solve the problem of how to do, what to do, and how to do well. We still have many opportunities to strive for and work to do in building core competence

Liu Dongtan pointed out in his discussion speech that the article "the call of spring" is full of methodology. Among them, the core of "four operations" is to pursue efficiency, that is, to make macromolecules and reduce denominators, so that input and output will be good, which is the multiple effect. Management is the resource of an enterprise, which is the productivity of multiple effect. When it comes to sustainable development, we should also stress methodology and pursue the balance between quality and quantity of enterprise operation. In fact, economies of scale are not about pursuing economic scale, but about economies of scale. "Surprise our customers, and we will be successful". That is to say, we should pay attention to rapid response, which is to say, we should pay attention to effect. "Simple is beautiful" is the simplicity effect. These are the methods of emphasizing effect. Companies should pursue the effect of management, in addition to hard power, there is also soft power, and this soft power is ERP

Zuo Guoxin, director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee and the Department of corporate culture of the company, conveyed the spirit of the notice on carrying out the "call of spring" learning and discussion activities issued by the party construction and Mass Work Bureau of the group company, and arranged the learning and discussion activities of the company

after the special study and discussion of the central group of the two-level Party committees, ligangli, the company's director and Secretary of the Party committee, issued the 2015 letter on the construction of a clean and honest government to the party organization heads of 10 military production units. Liu Dongtan, chairman of the board of supervisors and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, put forward specific requirements for the company's work of building a clean and honest government in 2015

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