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Wind River cooperates with McAfee to launch embedded and mobile solutions

Wind River, the global leader in embedded and mobile application software, announced today that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with McAfee, the leader of security protection technology, to jointly develop and market exclusive security protection solutions for all kinds of non PC devices, especially embedded and mobile devices, and provide support for civilized production and safe production. Wind River and McAfee will work together to launch the most complete safety protection solution for the increasing number of devices in the market, and expand the full protection ability of the full digital speed regulation system of the safety plastic calender to a wider range far beyond that of PC

with the increasing popularity of related applications of devices on the Internet, the number and types of devices will also increase sharply, far exceeding those of PCs. According to the internal estimation of McAfee, the total number of devices in the world will reach 5billion by 2020, and the largest part of the market pie created by this growth trend will be occupied by embedded and mobile device applications, including industrial control, energy management, automotive electronics, national infrastructure, defense technology, network facilities, intelligence and various emerging applications, especially smart electricity, remote home medical care Home broadband off and tablet computers. From the historical evolution track, most of the embedded application related devices were isolated and operated by themselves in the past, and their functions of even communicating with each other were extremely limited. Today, under the general trend of the development of science and technology and the trend of the times, these discrete and independent devices in the past are stepping up their steps to connect with the internal system or public network of the enterprise

the evolution trend of embedded devices' connection and mutual communication is as fast and fierce as the tsunami, but it also exposes large-scale security vulnerabilities at the same time. In many cases, as long as there is a security vulnerability in embedded devices, it may lead to very serious consequences. Just think, if the control system of the nuclear reactor, the public power network system or the national defense communication system, such as embedded equipment related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, have security vulnerabilities, what serious consequences will be caused? In fact, many such embedded devices have become the main targets of attack in organized crime, terrorism and national confrontation. In the second half of 2010, Stuxnet computer virus was rampant, and the damage to Iran's nuclear power plant and the infrastructure of Indonesia, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries was a typical example

compared with traditional IT equipment, the technical environment of embedded equipment is significantly different. For example, the battery endurance of embedded devices is relatively limited, and the memory and load cell computing performance are also relatively constrained. Therefore, the security protection mechanism originally suitable for traditional IT equipment is difficult for embedded equipment. For the market demand of embedded applications with both uniqueness and explosive growth potential, Wind River and McAfee will work together to provide their customized security protection and management solutions

dave DeWalt, President and CEO of McAfee, said: in fact, embedded devices have been around us and are an important basis for us to communicate and improve our daily life. However, these key equipment, which are indispensable to all levels of our lives, may also expose us to great risks, so it is urgent to strengthen their safety protection measures. Now, we cooperate with Wind River to provide exclusive safety protection measures for these key equipment, which can not only effectively protect these key equipment, but also make people's daily life more safe and assured

Ken Klein, President of Wind River, said: according to our observation of customers, almost all customers in the application market have raised the security protection of embedded devices to the highest priority. Through cooperation with McAfee, we will provide the most complete security protection solution in the embedded industry, which can be properly protected at all levels of the software stack. After the launch of this series of security protection measures, not only our customers' most concerned problems will be solved, but also the entire network environment will be best protected with the continuous increase in the use of embedded devices in public or private networks

ubiquitous embedded Internet devices represent a rapidly expanding market. Wind River and McAfee will work together to provide security protection and management functions for applications in this market. The initial step is to integrate McAfee's security protection technology with Wind River linux software platform, and then further integrate with other operating systems of Wind River and embedded virtualization technology. The first security protection solution under the cooperation of both sides will be launched this year. In addition, the future products of Wind River will also directly include McAfee's safety protection technology, so that OEM manufacturers can more easily develop and produce connecting equipment with safety protection functions

about McAfee company

McAfee, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, is the world's largest professional security technology company. It provides reliable and verified active security solutions and services for information systems, network devices and mobile devices all over the world, so that end users can more securely connect to the Internet, browse pages and shop

with the support of excellent global thread intelligence, McAfee continues to develop innovative products to help home users, enterprises, public sectors or service providers obtain the ability to comply with specifications, protect data, avoid operational disruption, identify security vulnerabilities, and continuously track and improve security. McAfee's technology can effectively protect your digital environment from malicious attacks. For more detailed company information, please visit McAfee official website:

about wind river system company

Wind River company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a leading embedded and mobile software provider in the world. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1billion products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company. Headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, wind river has branches in 15 countries around the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit or

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