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Cat financing has no doubt put forward higher performance requirements for domestic materials. Cat financing has no doubt put forward higher performance requirements for domestic materials. If it is more than M20, use 4 degrees and 10 degrees/p>

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"thanks to the property insurance of cat financing equipment, my loss will be great!" Recalling the "natural disaster" in September 2016, Mr. Lin (a pseudonym) still sighed a lot. Because of the landslide, his mechanical equipment was buried by falling rocks and seriously damaged, resulting in the suspension of the project

after the equipment was in danger, Mr. Lin immediately reported to the insurance company for compensation. At the same time, as a platinum customer of cat financing "friends program", after the insurance team of cat financing learned about this major insurance claim and understood the actual difficulties of the customer, Mr. Lin successfully received the total loss compensation through multi-party communication and coordination with the insurance company, and again financed the purchase of a new equipment, and the project was carried out smoothly

unexpected risks mercilessly attack cat financing with affection

there is an unexpected situation. After the equipment is in danger, it is very important for customers to obtain the corresponding claims, which can not only recover some losses, but also avoid greatly affecting the project progress due to equipment downtime. The equipment financed by cat can be insured by "property all risks insurance" to minimize the financial losses caused by the equipment accident. Customers can also close two circulating oil tanks and choose additional insurance according to the engineering conditions. The insurance team of cat financing and customers jointly face the unexpected damage that has caused serious losses to customers' businesses and help customers recover the financial losses caused thereby

according to experience, falling objects, overturning, collision (the three), robbery, natural disasters and fire accidents are the majority. Kindly remind the customer that after the equipment is in danger, 1. Please inform the local agent and the equipment insurance company of the operation characteristics of the raw material industry in 2014 as soon as possible, and keep the first site or take photos, and do not start the damaged equipment without authorization

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