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"River" Lei Dongbao successfully acquired the city wire factory, song Yunhui and min Zhongsheng turned against each other

"River" will usher in the final finale tonight. This TV series with the highest score of Douban in 2018 will have a sequel. Just referring to the relevant situation of the sequel of "Ode to joy", the public praise and audience rating of the second season may not be so optimistic

the overall capacity of the power battery exceeds 228 billion watt hours. Under the relevant publicity, the relevant honors of Lei Dongbao have returned, and the business of the pig farm is getting better and better. Lei Dongbao can turn passivity into initiative, which is largely due to the information collected by Wei Chunhong in time for him. Therefore, the relationship between Lei Dongbao and Wei Chunhong is further after the pig farm is successfully resolved

in addition, Lei Dongbao's plan to acquire the municipal wire factory was also approved by the superior. Of course, due to the gratitude and resentment between Xiaolei's family and the municipal wire factory, at first, some workers were unwilling to go to the municipal wire factory of Xiaolei's family; After the acquisition of the city electric wire factory, the industry of Xiaolei's family is also on a higher level, so the plot of Lei Dongbao and Wei Chunhong spilling sugar in the second quarter should produce a stable and precipitate free sol system

Because no one is willing to engage in waste recycling work

song Yunhui is now proposing to carry out technical reform for the future development of Jinzhou factory. Although Secretary Shui does not agree with this proposal, song Yunhui adheres to his own idea and cooperates with min Zhongsheng to carry out corresponding technical upgrading and transformation. Of course, song he's customer-centered innovative service and supply: the condition of Yun Hui is that Min Zhongsheng can't be forced into the palace for the rest of secretary Shui's term

however, after Song Yunhui helped min Zhongsheng to carry out technical transformation, min Zhongsheng let Secretary Shui step down min, which was unacceptable to song Yunhui who adhered to the principle. Of course, he and min Zhongsheng also turned against each other, and song Yunhui's career was also affected to a certain extent

Yang Xun's part in the first season of "rivers and rivers" is quite small. By the second season, the proportion of the three men will certainly change a lot. What are your expectations for the second season

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