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Which is better, Panasonic steam oven jt100w or jk101? What is the difference

Panasonic steam ovens are relatively popular recently. They should belong to the JT and JK series of Panasonic steam ovens. Which one is better? What is the difference? Let's take a detailed look at the differences between Matsushita steam ovens JT and JK, as well as the model recommendations and comments on the popular Matsushita steam ovens JT and JK, hoping to help you choose for reference

I. what is the difference between JT and JK of Panasonic steam oven

Panasonic steam ovens JT and JK are not very different. They are mainly from different series. The order of listing is a little different. In addition, there are small differences in appearance color. There are no big differences in other functions and configurations JD check the latest quotation and comments

II. Recommendation and comments on the hot selling models of Panasonic steam oven JT and JK:

Panasonic steam oven JT hot selling model is this: panasonic/Panasonic nu-jt100w steam oven; Panasonic steam oven JK is the best-selling model of this Panasonic nu-jk101 steam oven. These two types of ovens are popular in the market. Let's take a look at the appearance prices of these two types of Panasonic ovens. Users' comments and comparison of the output value of new materials are about 166.7 billion. I hope they can help you compare and reference

1. Comments on Panasonic nu-jt100w steaming oven:

the appearance of this oven is white, and the price is about ¥ 1899.00 at the time of promotion. The experience of using this kind of oven: it is quiet and heated quickly. The first steaming of steamed bread, fermenting for 50 minutes and steaming for 25 minutes, is convenient and healthy, which is much better than what you bought. The design is very beautiful. I have tried every function! Easy to use! The only good thing about not receiving express delivery is that there is too much steam and water! It's troublesome to clean up every time! In addition, before buying, consult the lever fulcrum to take bearing support and say that adding water once can steam for an hour! In fact, you should add water every time you steam! And this one is double decked! JD quotation and review details

2. Comments on Panasonic nu-jk101 steaming oven:

this oven is also white, and the promotion price is about ¥ 2399.00. The user comments on this one: I chose this one for a long time, and received a very pleasant surprise. The appearance is beautiful. I quickly tried the cleaning procedure, steamed corn, steamed buns, and baked fish. I didn't confirm the receipt until I found any problems. Most of the time, it is used to cook hot dishes. In my spare time, I make some small cakes. With the support of the relevant industrial policies mentioned above, I feel very practical. I wanted to buy a big one, but I bought this one after my boss recommended it. It is just right for our family of three. Now I use it every day. JD quotation and comment details

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