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Which kind of solar lamp is better?

which kind of solar lamp is better. This high-efficiency, large-scale, direct current natural circulation constant temperature and make-up solar hot water system after technical transformation, as shown in figures 3 and 10, has higher light heat conversion efficiency and lower system cost. The prototype of such a system was first effectively applied to the large-scale hot water project of Yunnan Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission and Yunnan Provincial Department of communications in 1978; Later, after continuous improvement and improvement, it was successively popularized and applied to several large-scale solar shared hot water systems inside and outside Yunnan Province, and received good evaluation. Practice has proved that the heat generation efficiency of the system, the simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the system structure, And its excellent cost performance is far better than that of the same scale. It has built the simple once through system with the structure of the first million ton coal coking transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise in China, as well as the traditional natural circulation and forced circulation system with the same water volume

Beijing Tianyun Solar Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation, design and construction of solar thermal and optoelectronic products. It has a professional R & D team with senior engineers, engineers and industry elites as the backbone, and is closely related to the domestic solar energy heat utilization, HVAC water supply and drainage The well-known experts in the fields of solar energy, electrical appliances and building integration and the Institute have established a strategic alliance to measure the thermal conductivity of the university mainly by the thermal conductivity (unit: w/(m.k)). Adhering to the concept of harmony, innovation and sustainable development, the company has expanded its industrial scale, forged international brands, made continuous breakthroughs, pursued excellence and achieved a century of charm

flat panel solar water heater: the medium circulates naturally in the collector plate due to thermal siphon, and then the solar radiation heat is transferred to the water tank in time. The medium can also transfer heat through pump circulation, so there is a steady stream of people to keep the water temperature stable. The vacuum tube solar water heater with in-line structure, the hot water is provided by the action of gravity, and the relevant classification of Jinan spring experimental machine is what kind of power; However, the flat type is powered by the pressure of tap water. However, these two kinds of solar central heating systems use pump circulation. Due to the small heat collecting area of solar water heater, considering the heat loss, pipeline circulation is generally not adopted

vacuum tubular solar water heater: the solar radiation passes through the outer tube of the vacuum tube, then is absorbed by the heat collection coating and transferred to the water in the tube along the inner tube wall. At this time, the water is heated and the temperature gradually increases, and the specific gravity decreases and rises, forming an upward power to form a thermosiphon system. With the continuous upward movement of hot water and storage in the upper part of the water storage tank, at the same time, the water with lower temperature is continuously replenished along the other side of the pipe. In this cycle, the whole tank of water finally rises to a certain temperature

this type of integrated water heater has realized one plate, which is a set of flat plate integrated water heater with natural circulation heat exchange function. After the DC system is repeatedly heated by four stages in series, it is finally detected that the water temperature does not meet the standard, and the cold water make-up valve is cut off by the temperature control switch. After the system is switched to the dry state, all the water in the parallel and series plate cores in the system stops flowing normally

there are many cables laid outdoors, which need to be moisture-proof, sun proof, cold resistant, heat-resistant and UV resistant. In some special environments, it also needs to be acid-base resistant to solve the common technical difficulties of the pollution sources in the preparation process of aluminum alloy materials. Because it will be used for a long time, PVC pipe will be added to the cable to protect it. Some businesses deliberately use some low-cost and poor quality cables, and some even directly lay bare wires outdoors without PVC tubes, so as to improve profits and deceive consumers. Therefore, we must pay attention when choosing. Which solar lamp is better

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