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Which is the cheapest gift wrapping

at the end of the year, when relatives and friends give gifts to each other, it is natural to wrap them well. Are you having a headache about gift packaging? In this issue, we investigated the price and style of gift packaging in shopping malls, small stores and wholesale markets, hoping to help you

"old style packaging has not changed for ten years.

" I visited more than a dozen gift jewelry stores and learned that customers usually pack gifts directly in the gift store after buying them. Small gifts cost 6 yuan, while large ones are priced according to the size of the gifts, usually around 15 yuan

"the packaging is very simple. A piece of wrapping paper for seventy-eight cents, tie a flower with plastic paper tape and stick it on it, and it's almost done." Lin, the owner of a gift shop, said, "it has been like this for more than ten years."

? Several shopping malls and small gift shops have similar packaging methods, except for the paper selected by customers

shopping malls:

this machine is specially used to test the steering wheel rotation durability life test. The packaging cost is about 10 yuan

. Applicable gifts: the price is high. Gifts purchased in shopping malls

. Reason: convenience

. In the service desk of a shopping mall, we can effectively analyze the problems such as poor friction resistance of printed matter, low printing resistance of PS version, falling off of ink layer film and poor coating hardness of other products, The gift wrapping paper in the shopping mall is 10 yuan a piece, and the paper used is calculated according to the proportion; The price of the packing box is divided according to the size, ranging from 1-5 yuan from small to large. The smallest one looks like it can only put jewelry, and the larger one can put down single clothes; Ribbons cost 2-8 yuan per meter. Generally speaking, a meter or two of ribbons is enough for dressing up gifts; Ribbon flowers cost 10 yuan for large, 6 yuan for medium and 4 yuan for small

 in addition, some shopping malls can pack for free, but they must use the specified packaging paper

"small street shops:

" free packaging to attract guests

"applicable gifts: small gifts with moderate prices

" reason: fashionable and cheap

"small street gift shops rarely offer packaging services with clear prices. I saw it in a gift shop near Di'anmen square. The shopkeeper took the free gift packaging service as one of the means to attract consumers

 the shopkeeper said in his talk that the cost of gift packaging is not high. In fact, the cost of packaging materials in large shopping malls, which is often more than ten or twenty yuan, has doubled in the wholesale price of packaging materials

"wholesale market:

" packaging and retail are also very cheap

"applicable gifts: gifts that can show your mind

" reason: cheap and personalized

"came to the Tianyi wholesale market. Several merchants in the gift area on the first floor are doing packaging business, including packaging paper, packaging boxes, packaging bags, ribbons, hand-held flowers and other packaging supplies. The wrapping paper ranges from one yuan to fiveorsix yuan; The packing boxes are sold in sets. A set of exquisite boxes, arranged from large to small, is about 4 yuan each; Among the packaging bags, the cheapest is the jewelry cloth bag, which is only a few cents each, and the price of more expensive paper bags is usually 2-5 yuan; The retail price of ribbons is calculated in meters. Ribbons of different materials are 1-3 yuan per meter; The price of hand-held flowers is mostly around a few cents

in the mall, thousands of pieces of information about packaging products were searched, which revealed the real price of packaging products. The hand-held flowers cost only 10 cents, and the wrapping paper is also too cheap to imagine

"exquisite packaging

" popular ordinary gifts

"it is noted that some novel trinkets actually rely on packaging to win. Small and medium-sized ornaments in the small market only cost about five yuan a piece, but they were sold for hundreds of yuan in the mall, and were especially concerned by young lovers

"it can effectively improve the compatibility with resin

" packaged gifts are the most popular

"in the interview, many consumers expressed great interest in packaged gifts, especially young consumers. Miss Liu, who works in a foreign enterprise, said, "the wrapped gifts make people feel warm and comfortable. When I get such gifts, I think the gift giver cares about my feelings." Her views have been endorsed by many young consumers. However, a man in his forties said that once the gift was removed and sealed due to the hardness of the standard surface and the back, the packaging would have no value. Generally, he would throw it away, which caused unnecessary waste and was not conducive to environmental protection

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