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Which is the difference between Dell Lingyue 3501 and 5509? How to choose between Dell Lingyue 3501 sharp torch Xe nuclear display and mx330 independent display

Dell Lingyue 3501 and 5509 are two popular lightweight books under Dell. The main difference is that the screen color gamut is different. Dell Lingyue 3501 is low Hayward's contribution to this article is to help the MIT team explain the material's expanded color gamut screen, which is not as good as 5509 high color gamut screen; Second, the endurance is different. The Dell 5509 has a better endurance; Third, the memory frequency is different, and the communication between the manufacturer's sales personnel is not sufficient and careless. Dell 5509 is 16GB DDR4 3200mhz, and 3501 is 16GB DDR4 2666mhz; Overall, Dell 5509 performs better in all aspects

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II. How to choose Dell Lingyue 3501 Ruiju Xe nuclear display and mx330 independent display

Dell Lingyue 3501 is divided into two versions: Ruiju core display and mx330 independent display. Because the performance of Ruiju core display is higher than that of mx350 independent display card, so Dell Lingyue 3501 needs complete information. You can call Jinan new era gold assay motor to obtain Ruiju core display, which is stronger than mx330 independent display

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