If your room looks small, there must be a problem

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As long as you master some skills, no matter how small the house is, you can also enjoy a wide view. Let's have a look with Xiaoke

do you think your room feels so small? The area of the home is not so small, why do you always feel crowded

as long as you master some skills, even if the house is small, you can also enjoy a wide range of vision. Let's take a look with Xiaoke ~

curtain heightening

the secret of making the room grow up is to "raise" and "lengthen" the curtains! Most people are used to arranging the curtains close to the windows, but small space families are not suitable at all. Try installing the hanging rod at the same height as the ceiling, and the room will instantly grow taller, appear taller, and the lighting will become better

in addition, lengthen the length of the curtain so that it just falls to the ground. Visually, it can appear that the ceiling is higher and the room instantly increases a lot

curtains need to be customized according to the color of walls and furniture. Oh ~

wall changing technique

different colors of walls affect different styles! When buying wallpapers, remember a basic principle: choose the right wallpapers or not, and choose different wallpapers for different styles

it is recommended to use light color, which is the most suitable color for your home. Dark color will easily bring a heavy and compressed feeling to the room

if you are a stripe controller, you might as well try the vertical stripe. Visually, it can make the room extend infinitely, and the room can be "increased" ~

carpet enlargement

carpet is an artifact that makes the room increase! Many people think that the smaller the room, the smaller the carpet should be. However, this view is wrong. It will give people a feeling that the room is too small and there is no place to put it. You might as well buy a magnificent big carpet directly, and feel that the room has been extended and the house has become a lot larger. The effect is absolutely beyond your expectation

a large area of carpet not only increases the room, but also brings a warm and comfortable feeling to the room

mainly embedded lamps

although the eye-catching and retro style pendant lamp is beautiful, it will reduce the height. If the floor is not high, the room will feel very depressed. The built-in lamp can make the ceiling look clean and tidy, and it will naturally enlarge visually

in addition, it also has the characteristics of not easy to attract dust and uniform light distribution. It is really an excellent choice for small family

the distribution of embedded lights is more reasonable, making the whole room brighter

have you got the trick of enlarging the room

act quickly and make your room bigger

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the small section will change the house for you~





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