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Light luxury, a new style of quality life! Light luxury is not about identity and wealth, but about quality and elegance; With exquisite detail design, we create a comfortable life of one room and one cloth. Now let's have a look with Yuanlong wall cloth

light luxury

represents "e; Light burden and high quality " Rational taste,

do not excessively advocate big brands, but pay more attention to quality and design

is not to reduce the pursuit of "extravagance" by retreating to the second place,

it is precisely the owner's personal pursuit of quality and taste

light luxury, a new style of quality life

light luxury is not about identity and wealth, but about quality and elegance

create a comfortable life of one cloth per room with exquisite detail design

modern light luxury, simplify decoration and return to nature; It is a reflection of modern people's pursuit of exquisite life, personality and independence. Based on the extreme simple style, it abandons some complex elements such as American style, European style, French style and so on, and replaces them with simpler and stronger straight lines. It highlights the texture through some exquisite soft elements, thus highlighting a high-quality lifestyle

light luxury represents a kind of depression, elegance, comfort, and the pursuit of quality of life. It has both temperament and personality, and is full of style. In the design, different materials meet different functions, but let each space have a unified style

light luxury decoration style the wall cloth and furniture used for decoration have beautiful lines, and will be decorated with some textiles and fur. Under the seemingly simple appearance, it gives people a sense of low-key luxury and connotation

light luxury is a lifestyle that respects the quality of life more and represents the pursuit of high-quality life details. It has a full sense of quality, but it will not have the vulgarity of local tyrants. It is a product of the integration of petty bourgeois aristocracy, pastoral leisure and self personality. The perfect integration of modern style and classical style, hard decoration will be more modern style, furniture and soft decoration will be more classical style, and the overall feeling is very fashionable, luxurious and tasteful

the whole space is set off by black and white gray, with metallic embellishment, line decoration, elegant light luxury, and white marble matching with black, which makes it unique and exquisite

the light luxury style pays attention to the simplicity and atmosphere of the design method, but it does not ignore the quality and design texture. Through the luxury of materials, through clever mixing and combination, the luxury of the space rises to a new height, creating a modern home loved by young people, easily interpreting the beauty of light luxury, and creating a space that gives people infinite aftertaste

(image and text source: Yuanlong wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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