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On October 1st, 2015, in the face of the National Day holiday, isalai curtain life hall, located in the decoration city of high tech park, Laoshan District, Qingdao, was grandly opened

(advertising display of isalai outdoor 16 meter opening event in Qingdao, Shandong)

on October 1, 2015, in the face of the National Day holiday, isalai curtain life hall, located in the decoration city of high tech park, Laoshan District, Qingdao, was grandly opened

(amid the sound of firecrackers and congratulations, Qingdao isalai store opened in full dress!)

(surrounded by flowers, flowers blooming, balloons hanging, it's beautiful ~)

on the day of the event, Qingdao isalai curtain life hall, one of the top ten curtain brands, was bustling! For today's happy day, president Fang and sister Qiu implemented the plan of the company's headquarters, actively cooperated with relevant matters of work, and actively carried out publicity work from the early stage. The customer storage work, store layout and personnel division were all done in place

(the work was carried out in an orderly manner)

(all the gifts are ready, just waiting for the owners' friends to take them home ~)

on the day of the event, flags and balloons were hung outside and inside the store, and one after another congratulatory flower baskets were neatly arranged on both sides of the door, which made the weather very festive. In this thick festive atmosphere, Qingdao isalay shows more high-end atmosphere. Whether it's design, layout, soft decoration collocation, window decoration display, it shows a big brand temperament and attracts the attention of countless owners. The beautiful shopping guides lined up in beautiful red skirts to welcome the guests, greeted the guests with a smile, and guided the owners into the store to observe the shopping. The festive scene can be described as a lively and gorgeous unique scenery

(welcoming team, beautiful scenery ~)

(the person in charge of Qingdao isalai greeted the distinguished guests in person)

(the owners and friends passing by stopped to watch and take a single page to understand the event information)

the opening ceremony of Qingdao isalai exclusive store, isalai curtain joined the headquarters and attached great importance to it, and the regional person in charge, manager Liao, came to the scene to give guidance. The festive scene can also be seen from the photos sent back from the front. This opening has achieved gratifying results. It is really gratifying and commendable

(the person in charge of Qingdao isalai exclusive store is introducing activity information and products to incoming customers and friends)

(owners' friends sign in in the store)

(the aisles in the store are very lively during the opening period)

(which offer attracts owners' friends so much? Local friends, take advantage of the buffer period of the activity, and take a look!)

sister Qiu of Qingdao isalai, one of the top ten curtain brands, said grandly that anyone who enters the store can receive a gift for opening this time. Everyone has a share and will never fail! No matter new or old customers, they can enjoy numerous discounts when entering the store! In addition to the gifts purchased in the company, sister Qiu also carefully prepared a shopping cart and printed the logo of our isalai. Sister Qiu said that the shopping cart is very practical and cost-effective, and the owners like it very much

(the owner selects the curtain fabric style in the negotiation area)

the opening is only once, and Juhui will miss it no longer! The more orders you place, the more gifts you get. The owners on the scene were so excited that they entered the store to place orders, draw red envelopes, and get soft gifts

(on the opening day, the owner's friends continued to enter the store)

(place an order early and draw red envelopes early, how can the grand prize fall into the hands of others ~)

this opening event was a complete success, and sister Qiu expressed her satisfaction. I believe I will pick up again and again in the next activity, and my grades will be higher! The brand publicity of the opening activities has made more local owners and friends recognize isalai, believe in isalai, and choose isalai! Let's continue to work hard for isalai to become the local leader as soon as possible

(the owner's friends and partners took a group photo at the gate of the mall. Thank you for your support and trust in Qingdao isalay store!)

as a new team, Qingdao isalai is still a very young team. Although it is young, it has momentum. Although it is inexperienced, it is open-minded to learn and make rapid progress! I believe that with the strong support of isalai curtain joining the headquarters and the concerted efforts of the energetic young team of Fang and sister Qiu, we will be able to shine in the Qingdao market! Fight, Qingdao isalai

(isalai curtain life hall, high-end atmosphere on CCTV)

(isalai curtain, 60million family confidence choice)





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