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Change the setting of life according to the climate, and find new creative props for home

project house type: American Suite

project area: 208m2

design style: American light luxury

design team: Changzhou jokins whole wood customization

project address: Changzhou Jiuzhou new world garden

jokins message: a touch of spring in this short season, precious as youth, is very suitable to believe in a kind of green, thick and gloomy scenery in late spring, and it is beautiful far and near. Change the setting of life according to the climate, and find new creative props for home. With a unique light luxury texture, it builds a taste scene in every important part of the life drama, fully interpreting the fashionable American style with high quality and design sense

hallway~ Yingyin Chuxiang

the porch is a necessary place for the entry of a home. In design, it needs to take into account both beauty and practicality. The whole wood customized porch cabinet is hollowed out in the middle, and the key backpack at the entrance can be put at any time. The humanized style fully meets the habitual needs of the family, and the function is full

living room~ LVYE magic spring

the parapet in the living room is inlaid with metal colored lines, and the light and luxurious texture is interpreted as a just atmosphere. Then, the simple and elegant painting wall is rendered in the parapet, and the thick green sofa is painted with a heavy stroke, and the fragrance of spring comes to my face

under the atmosphere of the whole wood tone, the unique texture and process texture of the TV cabinet play an extraordinary and noble role, and the hollow part of the background wall also reflects the color atmosphere of the space. The light from the eight lattice single wooden window lingers in the room. The 208 square meter light luxury beauty always feels the warmth of jokins' home

dining room~ food environment Kuang Wei

the location of the living room connects the porch with the living room and kitchen, and is embedded in many main spaces. The style of the parapet is consistent with the style of the living room, including the low cabinet beside the meal, which also continues the texture and technology of the TV cabinet. Chandeliers, picture frames, table legs, and clocks on the wall are quietly building into a unique style of light luxury theme, which explains the texture of space in a consistent manner

the fireplace decoration stands in the dining room, simple and unique. The exquisite mirror reflects the joy of the family standing silently

kitchen~ kitchen fragrance world

in order to achieve visual unity, the closed Chinese kitchen uses an eight lattice sliding door with the same shape as the living room window to eliminate oil smoke and ensure the continuity of light. The U-shaped integral kitchen uses a simple frame cabinet door, which is simple and square

bedchamber~ elegant and luxurious

the master bedroom is compatible with the cloakroom, study, and bathroom. The space atmosphere is graceful, indifferent, extravagant and simple, gorgeous, dreamy, and elegant

the design style of the study is simple and elegant. The built-in bookcase saves a lot of space, and the metal frame brightens the tone of the study. Read quietly here, and the book you choose is the person you will become

bedchamber~ Lingsi Pianyu

according to the bedroom structure, an L-shaped corner whole wood wardrobe is designed, with a generous and decent appearance, a large capacity wardrobe with full storage capacity, and the side is designed as an open bookcase, which is both beautiful and practical

reading is the highest ecstasy of the soul. On the road of life, we should always buy books and food to increase knowledge calories to maintain the warmth we need for a lifetime

bedchamber~ light and shadow murmur

the study is outside and the bedroom is inside. The functional areas are divided by eight sliding doors. The customized desk and hanging cabinet have simple lines, and a leather orange single chair brightens the whole space

no matter the color of spring or the expectation of summer,

Johns will always convey the brilliance of wood to you with your favorite attitude,

with a deep understanding of home,

customize your love for home




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