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On June 6, 2017, a team of 21 volunteers led by Jincheng Oushennuo entered liushukou primary school in Zezhou County, Jincheng City, and sent love materials such as sports equipment and books to 118 students in the school

on June 6, 2017, a team of 21 volunteers led by Jincheng Oushennuo ceramics entered liushukou primary school in Zezhou County, Jincheng City, and sent love materials such as sports equipment and books to 118 students in the school. The volunteers also planned a series of interactive activities, such as public welfare classes, baby wishes, flying dreams, etc., so that children can experience richer campus life and bring joy to children in action. It is reported that the volunteers in the same industry also expressed their support for such public welfare actions, and said that they would mobilize their own strength to move forward in the future

the picture shows the public welfare action of "Nuodeng plan". Jincheng station sends love to local primary schools.

the smooth implementation of this activity benefited from the positive response and full cooperation of guojianhua, general manager of Jincheng Oushennuo ceramics. For the public welfare, he also has his own unique views

q: who are there in the volunteer team this time

president Guo: there are our employees, brand representatives of the brand alliance, and some volunteers we have publicly recruited

I especially invited the brand alliance to participate in this activity. I understand that our unilateral strength is limited, and what public welfare needs is everyone's strength. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand alliance, I hope to give full play to everyone's strength to better serve customers. Now I also hope to gather everyone's strength for common public welfare

public welfare activities have moved volunteers. The picture shows a group photo of volunteers

q: why do you want to organize such a public welfare activity

president Guo: (we) in the past two years, we have also been doing some public welfare activities. I am honored that enterprises can shoulder social responsibility and give full play to their own strength to do public welfare

in previous years, I was doing it by myself, mainly donating some materials. This year, I saw the "nuodo plan" launched by osheno head office, and I wanted to change the form and make better public welfare activities with the help of the platform of the head office

the picture shows volunteers and children carrying out interesting classes

q: what do you feel most about this activity

president Guo: there is a family I want to visit temporarily during the home visit. I know the situation of that family. My father passed away, my mother ran away from home, my brother had cerebral palsy, and there was only a grandmother without too much labor force with her children. Depending on the monthly government subsidies and various subsidies, their annual expenditure may be more than 2000 yuan. There was no such family in the original schedule this time, but since I have come and know the situation of their family, I must come and have a look to feel at ease

the children are very simple and smart. We came last year, and they still remember us this time. It's just that the conditions of some families are indeed a little worse. Our living conditions have improved, but there are still some families who need social help. We can help as much as we can

the picture shows that the public welfare team visited poor families in the school with love materials

q: what kind of relationship do you think between public welfare and cause (business)

president Guo: doing public welfare requires love and responsibility, as well as doing business. Only by taking responsibility in business, being honest and responsible, can business last for a long time

public welfare and undertakings complement each other. If you do a good business, you will naturally have more power to devote yourself to public welfare

in the relationship between public welfare and business, I think it is better for commercial companies to do public welfare purely. If too many commercial properties are mixed, many people will dislike it and the effect is not so good. I hope that the public welfare I do is pure, not mixed with commercial public welfare. Starting from love, I use my own strength to help people who really need help and spread positive energy

of course, pure public welfare can also better influence the volunteers participating in the activities. In an atmosphere filled with love, heartfelt actions can directly hit everyone's soul. I think it is precisely because of this that so many brand alliance parties can be touched by this activity and say that they also want to devote themselves to public welfare

the picture shows the children flying their dreams with a bright smile on their faces.

it is reported that Jincheng Oushennuo has been established locally for five years, and the team has a total of 30 people. Although it is still a young team in business, the achievements of osheno brand have always been among the best in the local ceramic tile industry. "Merge with each other and compete with each other" is the concept of general manager Guo to manage employees, "Unite, cooperate and forge ahead" makes everyone in the team full of energy and achieve good results repeatedly.

president Guo said: "The organization and implementation of this public welfare activity is of great significance for uniting employees, building their mental outlook and passing on their positive abilities. In the future, we will continue to carry forward love and give children care and help within our capabilities. Although our strength is small, we hope that small love can converge into great love. One person can drive a group of people and make the world full of sunshine."





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