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The impression of the construction team is unreliable, but not all of them. Everything has its two sides. The construction team also has its advantages. For example, the decoration price is much cheaper than that of the decoration company, and it can also have good decoration quality. So how to find the decoration construction team? What are the precautions for finding the construction team

first, look at the quotation

quotation is the most important part of decoration. The quotation comes from the labor cost, materials and technology used in the decoration project, that is to say, the level of a quotation is inseparable from the price of selected materials and the difficulty of construction technology. The decoration quotation on the market can be generally divided into four kinds of quotation, the lowest is the guerrilla, the second is the small company affiliated with the company, and the third is the medium-sized company. The famous decoration company has great publicity. Of course, the company should consider its consumption and profits. Guerrillas should also consider the wages of workers. No matter what grade of construction party is selected, it is necessary to generally understand the quotation of this grade, as long as it conforms to the law

1. Water circuit reconstruction, 2. Patching treatment, 3. Waterproof, 4. Ground leveling. 5. Including riser, 6, skirting line. The construction party often does not quote the total price of these items, but the unit price of the package, and the quantities are uncertain, so as to lay a foundation for adding items in the later stage

second, look at the scene

looking at the scene mainly includes five aspects: health conditions, safety measures, material stacking, workers' accommodation and food, and workers' quality

site sanitation is one of the basic qualities of construction personnel. The site should be clean, hygienic and free of cigarette butts and garbage. The construction site should be cleaned three times a day. The site should be comprehensively cleaned before work, during lunch break and after work. All decoration garbage should be removed from the site on the same day. All decoration materials should be classified and stacked neatly. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. At least two fire extinguishers should be put on the construction site as a fire safety measure. The construction personnel are not allowed to have food and accommodation on site. Due to the owner's permission to catch up with the progress, they can't cook with open fire and should bring their own toilet. They are absolutely not allowed to use toilets in the bathroom, which makes the bathroom smelly. The construction personnel can take the initiative to say hello to the owners who have gone to the site to see the construction

third, look at the materials

we should see whether the materials used by the construction team on the site are excellent and environmentally friendly decorative materials. For example, the cement usually used for cement is 32.5 of the diamond brand, the sand is medium sand, the putty is Yi Guaping or wall lining, whether the plate is formaldehyde free, whether the wall paint is famous brand, whether the paint is polyester, etc. The auxiliary materials bought by the construction party include wires. Generally, Kunlun wires are used. Whether the wire casing is 1.5mm thick according to the national standard? Those flattened by hand are all inferior products

IV. look at tools

the tools on the site should depend on what project is in progress. At least, the following tools should be complete. At present, there are more and more electric construction tools, and the decoration design is very comprehensive. The tools are available for several types of work, such as water, electricity, oil, wood and tile. Then, this construction team is very professional. Generally speaking, construction teams that have not worked for more than a few years do not have this strength

v. look at technology

the construction technology of the construction team is the most critical link. How to check the work done by this group of people? Laymen are more difficult things. Of course, for insiders, it's easy to see. Why? There is a saying: experts watch the doorway, laymen watch the excitement. This sentence is true. An expert can tell which master brought him out by looking at his work posture. His work is good or bad, and his skills are shown in one action, but how can customers see it

now let me tell you a few stupid methods, but they are easy to understand and practical. For example, when changing power, lay wire sleeve 1&mdash& mdash; There should be a fixed point at 1.5m. The connection between the pipe and the junction box should use a lock nut. The connection between the pipe and the pipe should use a pipe joint and PVC glue. At the turning point, use a girdle to turn a big flexible bend, not an elbow. There should be no more than two turns of the sleeve between the junction box and the junction box, and the capacity of the sleeve should be less than 60%. Leave 40% space to ensure that the changed wires can be replaced, and the wires used should be colored

VI. look at the agreement

the contract for home decoration is originally very fair, but from the perspective of payment method, it protects decoration enterprises and is very detrimental to consumers. Often, the owner has to pay 95% of the project payment before the middle of the project, and the construction team can only lead the way in the later stage. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner and the construction party renegotiate the payment method to fully protect their interests




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