I sincerely suggest that this chicken manure treat

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Sincerely suggest that this kind of chicken manure treatment equipment must use

sincerely suggest that this kind of chicken manure treatment equipment must use

livestock manure, the most important source of plant nutrients added by ancient Chinese farmers, has now become a "difficult" problem in urban and rural environmental governance

on September 22, Professor Yin Yulong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, made this analysis at the 2017 China Ecological Breeding Technology Innovation Conference and the 255 China Engineering Science and Technology Forum - animal nutrition and breeding environment control forum held in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province

according to the data of the Ministry of agriculture, the annual amount of livestock and poultry manure pollution in China is about 3.8 billion tons, but the comprehensive utilization rate is less than 60%

lishangmin, from the animal husbandry department of the animal husbandry department of the Ministry of agriculture, told surging news that in the current problem of resource utilization, the scale of livestock and poultry breeding in some areas is beyond the environmental affordability of land and water resources, especially in the southern water network area, including Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces. It is suggested to transfer to the three northeastern provinces

composition of chicken manure treatment equipment:

chicken manure treatment equipment is mainly composed of filter screen, spiral auger and spiral blade. All of them are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel through special process, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, long service life and so on

principle of chicken manure treatment equipment:

the principle of screw extrusion is adopted for chicken manure treatment equipment. It is applicable to livestock and poultry feces with a water content of about 90%. The water content of dehydrated livestock and poultry feces is about 60%, which is in a loose shape. If you can't hold water by hand, you can directly bag or ferment. It does not contain any chemical components and is a very ideal organic fertilizer for farmland. Moreover, the amount of fecal slag and water content can be adjusted, so our products can be applied to different raw materials

maintenance and cleaning

in order to ensure the service life of product equipment, regular inspection and maintenance are required. And apply lubricating oil to the moving place of the machine every week, and the reducer equipped with the main parts has been filled with grease when leaving the factory. It should be replaced every 12 months. When refueling, grease can be injected through the refueling gun or simple self-made refueling appliance through the refueling hole with a grease gun. Unscrew the oil plug to drain the waste oil of the reducer

the use of chicken manure treatment equipment should be managed by a specially assigned person, who should understand the performance of the whole machine and maintain it regularly. Generally, during normal use, the screen should be cleaned every one or two months. When cleaning, first remove the bolts at the discharge port, then take out the screen, and wash the blockage in the screen with clean water and steel wire brush. It is particularly worth noting that the original installation position of the screen should be maintained. When removing the screen, please pay attention to the position of the guide rail (screw hole) of the screen. It is best to mark it and keep the original position during installation, otherwise in the future operation, the wear of the screen will be increased, which will naturally affect the discharge efficiency of the chicken manure treatment equipment

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