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The role and significance of developing and popularizing alcohol based fuels are very significant

with the continuous development of the national economy and social progress, people pay more and more attention to new technologies and products that are safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving, which will create broad prospects for the application and development of alcohol based fuels

in order to alleviate the excessive dependence on petroleum and liquefied gas resources, Some countries are vigorously promoting fuel a "This is mainly due to the production, research and application of horizontal alcohols with a single line production range of only 20000 tons at present. China has fully mastered the key technologies of low-temperature and low-pressure gas-phase and liquid-phase methanol production plants with a capacity of 200000 ~ 500000 tons/year, and the research of domestic methanol synthesis catalysts has reached the world's advanced level. The successful development of new, safe, efficient and energy-saving alcohol based fuel burners has expanded the application market of fuel methanol It is also in line with the national energy policy

alcohol based liquid fuel is a cheap and environmentally friendly clean energy, which can be produced with coal, oil, natural gas or biomass as raw materials. The production process is simple and the technology is mature. As a country short of oil and gas, relatively rich in coal and rich in renewable materials, it is very necessary for China to implement the multi-source energy strategy. We must seek a strategic breakthrough in the transformation of coal, and strengthen the development of biomass to methanol, so that methanol based alcohol based liquid fuel can be used as an alternative fuel. This has great market potential and competitiveness, and is an important measure to solve the problems of energy security and environmental protection

characteristics and advantages of new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuel

new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel has many advantages. Hunan Huaihua Wenfeng new energy Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Hunan University to jointly research and develop new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuels and supporting energy-saving stoves, which have passed the tests of Hunan environmental monitoring center and Hunan provincial gas appliance and energy product quality supervision and testing center, and all major indicators have reached national standards. Combined with its product characteristics, the author believes that the new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel has the following advantages:

environmental protection. The combustion products of the new alcohol based environmental friendly water-based fuel are mainly H2O and CO2, which have the characteristics of no smoke, no smell, no pressure, no pollution, no flue and no residue. If the new environment-friendly alcohol based water-based fuel is used with the developed special stove, all indicators can meet the relevant national safety and environmental protection standards

thermal effectiveness. The new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel has high thermal efficiency and can be completely burned. Its latent heat of vaporization is about three times that of gasoline. The evaporation and vaporization of mixed fuel can further reduce the intake temperature, increase the amount of inflation, improve the inflation efficiency, burn fast, improve the thermal cycle conditions of the stove after combustion, and significantly improve the combustion efficiency

economy. At present, the comprehensive market price of the new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel is about 4000 yuan/ton, which has a great price advantage. With the improvement of high-temperature gasification synthesis technology and the improvement of fuel production technology by low-temperature and low-pressure method and liquid-phase method, the process flow will be simplified and the production cost of fuel will be gradually reduced

practicality. Compared with LPG, kerosene, diesel, etc., the new environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel has a lower price and less air pollution; Compared with coal, firewood and other solid fuels, it can significantly reduce environmental pollution and facilitate storage and transportation; Compared with natural gas, there is no need for expensive pipeline transportation system. In addition, the matching stove adopts pulse electronic ignition and automatically adjusts the amount of air added, which can ensure the safe and stable combustion of fuel. Therefore, environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel can be widely used as civil fuel in large, medium and small restaurants, restaurants and other places

security. Environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuel is non-toxic to human body, convenient to store (both iron and plastic barrels can be stored), has high explosion resistance, high ignition point, and is not prone to fire accidents. The flash point is 20 ℃, and it is extinguished with water, which is safer than using petroleum fuels, natural gas fuels and urban gas fuels

it is of great significance to develop and promote alcohol based fuels

the author believes that the role and significance of developing and promoting alcohol based fuels in ecological creation is very significant

first, improve the quality of urban atmospheric environment. In China's service industry, catering industry accounts for a considerable proportion. As the government and the public environment can be widely used in the production of automobiles, motorcycles and shock absorbers, the awareness of utilization enterprises, quality testing and other industries is improved, and various environmental policies are improved, the catering industry is bound to develop in the direction of clean fuels, and environmentally friendly alcohol based water-based fuels are in line with this development trend

second, lengthen the industrial chain and form a pilot of circular economy. At the end of last century, most developed countries used oil and natural gas as raw materials to produce methanol, while China used coal to produce fertilizer and methanol. At that time, it seemed that the technology was backward and the cost was high, but in today's oil resource crisis, the production of alcohol based liquid fuel from coal showed resource advantages. China's coal to methanol technology is at the world's leading level. Rich coal gangue resources can be used everywhere to gradually form a cycle chain of coal gangue methanol alcohol based fuel. Therefore, the development of new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels can drive the development of coal deep processing industry and the comprehensive utilization of various industrial tail gas and by-products, which has a far-reaching impact

third, cultivate and expand the pillar industries of environmental protection. The diversified structure of energy has become an irreversible trend all over the world. The technical and economic nature of methanol production fully shows that the energy chemical industry of fuel methanol system has become the direction of development. With the international oil price rising, the price of domestic oil products is rising. In the past, hotels and restaurants used diesel as fuel, and now new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuel has become the first choice. The industrialization of environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels can not only improve the current situation of small-scale, scattered and low production capacity of environmental protection industries in some regions, but also form a pillar industry of environmental protection in local areas

vigorously develop and apply new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels

developing alternative energy is the goal of the whole society. We should actively appeal to create an environment for industrial development, vigorously develop and apply new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels, and promote their healthy development. It is suggested that relevant government departments should pay attention to this kind of Ferrograph heating method to detect abrasive materials and components, which is a relatively feasible and useful method, and carry out relevant work as soon as possible. Relevant enterprises should base themselves on the local area, promote the industrialization of environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels with a sense of ownership and a high sense of society. The author suggests the following:

establish a new environmental protection alcohol based fuel industry technology center and association, plan, coordinate the development, transformation, construction, production, promotion and use of new fuels, further give play to the advantages of the combination of industry, University and research, and industrialize and commercialize them as soon as possible

governments at all levels should provide necessary policy and financial support, including the start-up funds for the promotion of pilot projects, and the R & D funds for new fuels and new stoves. In terms of tax policy, it is suggested to implement exemption or reduction policies for new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels

adhere to system integration and innovation. In the industrialization practice of new environmentally friendly alcohol based fuels, pay attention to solving environmental protection. Even the most determined plastic supporters cannot help but recognize the common and key problems in the application of alcohol based fuels. In the links of transportation, storage, sales, filling and use, focus on core technologies, form system integration processes, and improve the level of industrialization engineering technology

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