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It is reported that the important documents of rural land reform have been issued to 18 provinces to make specific provisions on the paid transfer, trading methods, income distribution methods and other aspects of commercial collective construction land outside the scope of construction land in

towns. This year, the "No. 1 document" proposed that it would take five years to basically complete the confirmation, registration and certification of rural land contractual management rights, which was intended to pave the way for the promotion of rural land reform

it is understood that the "bottom line" of rural land reform is also discussed within the relevant scope, among which the "Shenzhen model" has made a great breakthrough in the practice of transferring rural land after nationalization. However, new surprises are expected in the bottom-up reform of various local governments. For listed companies that occupy land resources, the dividend may not be in the resources themselves, but in the "reform" itself

According to relevant media reports, the Department of land, environment and resources of Hainan Province has studied and formulated the measures for the administration of collective construction land for farmers in Hainan Province, which has been submitted to the Hainan provincial government for deliberation. The measures allow rural collective economic organizations or villagers to independently develop and operate rural collective construction land that has been approved to be included in the circulation pilot, and to be used for non-agricultural construction such as tourism, farmers' markets, standard workshops, etc

as we all know, according to China's current land management law, the ownership of land in China is divided into two categories: first, ownership by the whole people, that is, state-owned land; Second, collective ownership by the working people, mainly refers to rural collective land. From the perspective of land use, land includes agricultural land and construction land. In rural collective ownership land, collective construction land mostly refers to land used for construction purposes such as homestead and collective enterprise land, except for agricultural land such as cultivated land and forest land. This batch of land from LPEC is the potential cake that the market pays close attention to in this round of urbanization

in recent years, Hainan Province has actively won the support of the Ministry of land and resources, tried first, and orderly promoted various rural land reforms, including the pilot reform of rural property rights system, the reform of land acquisition system, the pilot reform of rural collective construction land circulation, etc. It explores the overall planning of urban and rural development, stimulates the potential of rural land, and injects new vitality into rural development

in view of historical reasons, the confirmation of rural homestead rights in Hainan started late. By the end of 2008, only more than 50000 households in the province had confirmed their rights and registered, less than 5% of the number of licenses that should be issued, far below the national average of 73%. At the same time, the management of homestead in Hainan Province is weak, rural households have more than one house, the area of homestead exceeds the standard, illegal trading and random occupation and construction are serious, and the problem of destroying cultivated land is more prominent. In January, 2009, the Hainan provincial government issued a notice, planning to complete the registration and certification of rural land ownership, rural homestead use rights and other rural collective construction land use rights in three years, and protect the property rights of farmers' homesteads in accordance with the law, which marks the acceleration of this reform in Hainan Province

the land reform craze is aimed at "Hainan"

in view of the fact that Hainan land reform is expected to take the lead in solving the problem, Hainan local stocks with certain land reserves may still have investment opportunities, such as LUONIUSHAN, Hainan rubber, luodun development and Hainan expressway

LUONIUSHAN (000735): the company is a comprehensive group enterprise focusing on livestock and poultry breeding and a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It mainly produces and sells agricultural and sideline products such as pigs, chickens, fresh eggs, pollution-free vegetables, etc. The company annually produces 60000 high-quality breeding pigs and 500000 high-quality commercial pigs, and has built more than 40 modern animal husbandry bases in 17 cities and counties in the province; The annual production of 50 eggs has increased the efficiency of each workstation by 00 tons, and the annual production capacity of 2.6 million Wenchang Chicken seedlings has become the largest commercial pig production base and Wenchang Chicken seedling production base in Hainan Province. During this year's open day activities, the Wenchang Chicken seedling production base and layer breeding base. The company has the largest "vegetable basket" project base, seedling production base and agricultural science and technology demonstration base based on animal husbandry in Hainan Province

Hainan 4. When the total elongation of maximum force FM is measured manually (Ag rubber (601118): the company has 3.53 million mu of rubber forests and shelter forests, covering 17 cities and counties in Hainan Province, with an annual dry rubber capacity of 210000 tons. The rubber plantation area and dry rubber output account for about 30% of the country respectively. The company is the only listed company under Hainan agricultural reclamation group. Hainan agricultural reclamation was established in 1952. According to relevant data, the total planned land area of Hainan agricultural reclamation is 12.8 million mu, accounting for a quarter of Hainan Province. Yesterday's Shanghai Jiao trading also had a certain positive stimulus to the company's share price

luodun development (600209): in 2002, the company purchased 1800 mu of land use rights from Boao holding company located on the side of Wanquan River in the planning area of Daling lake, Boao water city, Qionghai City, Hainan Province with 216 million yuan for the construction of international friendship villages, holiday villas and other projects. In January, 2013, the company agreed to sign a supplementary agreement with Qionghai municipal government on the compensation agreement for land acquisition for the construction land of four projects, including Daling Lake Hot Spring Hotel, confirming that the four plot companies have owned the land development and construction rights since 2002, continue to enjoy the land development and construction rights, and the funds already paid are included in the land development costs. The portion of the premium from the legal transfer of the land under the future agreement that exceeds the development cost (including taxes payable) shall be shared by Qionghai municipal government and the company in the proportion of 3:7

Hainan Expressway (000886): in December 2009, the company won 100% equity of Yaju in Dongpo, Danzhou, Hainan with 300million yuan. Its assets are mainly located in about 938.7 mu of land on the north side of Guosheng Road, Beixin District, nadacheng, Danzhou City; In October, 2009, Danzhou City successfully auctioned two pieces of land located in the north of Guosheng Road, Beixin District, that big city. The company has the land use right of the residential building on Airport East Road, the land use right of Wanning Xinglong overseas Chinese town, the land use right of Haikou Airport Road, etc., of which the most noticeable is the land use right of three kilometers of Qiongshan

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