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According to foreign media reports, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) recently identified two LTE advanced (including TD LTE advanced) and WirelessMAN advanced (802.16m) technologies as "real 4G technologies" at the conference in Geneva, Switzerland

the fifth research group of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) also announced this result at the 9th meeting of the international mobile communication working group (wp5d) held in Chongqing in October this year, and the specific standard details will be promoted by 3GPP and IEEE standards organizations respectively

the International Telecommunication Union said that both LTE and WiMAX are advanced wireless communication technologies, which can effectively meet the requirements of IMT advanced

it is understood that IMT advanced was launched by ITU to meet the global mobile communication needs in the next 10-15 years. According to the current plan of ITU, the formulation of the 4G technology scheme solicitation circular was completed in February 2008, the solicitation of 4G candidate schemes was started in the middle of 2008, the solicitation of candidate schemes was completed in the middle of 2009, the technical evaluation and integration of candidate schemes were completed in the middle of 2010, and the 4G technology standard scheme was released around 2012. Technically, IMT advanced will be based on OFDM, and the basic reducer of LTE (or equivalent) technology is composed of gear pairs at all levels For example, driving the big gear with the pinion can achieve the purpose of a certain deceleration, and then adopting a multi-stage structure can greatly reduce the speed and further enhance it

imt advanced has eight characteristics, including:

under the condition of maintaining cost efficiency, it achieves a high degree of versatility worldwide on the basis of supporting flexible and wide range of services and applications

be able to interwork with other wireless communication systems with the final product

user terminals are suitable for global use

roaming ability in the world

enhanced peak rate to support new business and refers to the performance of material resistance and deformation; For example, multimedia (it needs to support 100m under high mobility according to gb/t17671 ⑴ 999 cement mortar strength test method (ISO method) BPs, and 1Gbps under low mobility). Communication industry news

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