It is strictly forbidden to contaminate agricultur

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It is strictly forbidden to contaminate agricultural products

vegetables, meat and other agricultural products, and their processing and packaging may be subject to strict supervision in the future. The draft regulation on the quality and safety of agricultural products in Anhui Province under normal temperature conditions was submitted to the 6th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th Provincial People's Congress for deliberation yesterday. In order to prevent secondary pollution caused by packaging of agricultural products, our province plans to legislate for the first time to make it clear that packaged agricultural products should not use substances harmful to human health

the regulation (Draft) has made a number of provisions for the production of materials applicable to agricultural products: rubber, plastic, film, adhesive, steel bar, glass, touch screen, textile, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, metal wires, metal rods, metal plates and other photovoltaic materials, as well as the clothing industry, sales and other links to provide customers with the guarantee of careful inspection at work, and the six behaviors in the production process of agricultural products will be constrained. These behaviors include the use of agricultural inputs prohibited and eliminated by the state; Use agricultural inputs beyond the scope and standards restricted by the state; Use human drugs for animals; Fishing and hunting with pesticides; Harvesting, fishing and slaughtering agricultural products that fail to reach the safe interval for the use of agricultural inputs or the drug withdrawal period; Use items harmful to human health to clean, sort, process, keep fresh, package and store agricultural products

in case of secondary pollution of packaging caused by violation of this provision, the regulation (Draft) is clear in the law: the relevant departments can impose a fine of 5000 yuan and less than 20000 yuan on the after-sales service of products that people pay more and more attention to. (aging)

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