It is reported that new wood-based composites may

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It is reported that new wood-based composites may replace BPA

according to local media reports in the United States, in the near future, a more safe and environmentally friendly new wood-based composites may become a substitute for petroleum based BPA, or even completely replace its application in the plastic field. 1. Is the fixture convenient and safe to use

at the recent symposium held by the American Chemical Council (ACS), scientists made an in-depth discussion on the research status and development prospects of this new wood-based material

"BPA is an important raw material for the production of PC (polycarbonate). Adding BPA to plastic products is to verify the instructions in the remarks column. During the manufacturing process, it can make them colorless, transparent, durable, lightweight and outstanding impact resistance. According to statistics, the global annual output of BPA is nearly 3.5 million tons. However, this substance is also one of the most controversial plastic materials. Many studies show that BPA will have an impact on human health." Kaleigh Reno, a graduate student representative from tarahua state, said in a speech

in the process of developing BPA substitutes, Kaleigh Reno and his mentor Dr. Richard wool focused on wood as raw materials. Compared with traditional hydrocarbons, wood is a complex and volatile hydrocarbon, and contains aromatic rings

in order to facilitate preparation, Reno invented a special conversion process, which can convert wood fragments into a composite material called BGF. The new material is similar to BPA in shape and internal structure. Reno and wool agree that the substance rdquo; Quality is the BPA substitute they have been looking for

"we will spend a year to conduct in-depth research on BGF and prove that environment-friendly BGF has the same properties of BPA but is harmless to human body." Wool said in an interview

at the same time, reno6. Judge the skill status and accuracy of the tensile testing machine according to the difference of the comparison value, and said that if there is no accident, BGF may be officially introduced to the market within the year for commercial mass production

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