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The advantages and disadvantages of galvanized spiral steel and plastic bellows

with the increase of national environmental protection, the traditional cement pipes are gradually withdrawing from the market. In the early 1990s, new types of environmental protection drainage bellows pipes began to be used in engineering instead of products. Advanced bellows products not only need the quality of designers themselves, but also need to always summarize the common sense of different industries. 3. Power switch: check whether the switch power indicator light is on

when improving the reliability of corrugated pipe, we should reduce the consumption of materials, increase the active wear of the medium on the inner wall of the pipe and increase the concentration of harmful medium. The important reason is that because of the different materials, the two types of pipes have different disadvantages in performance. How to ensure the effective operation of the bellows? The advantages of the galvanized spiral steel bellows are that the ring stiffness is large, and the consumables are less. The lack is that the corrosion resistance of 10 tested gaskets is individual, and they are not wear-resistant; The advantages of plastic bellows are corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but the ring stability is high, the stiffness progress is limited, and there are many consumables

considering from the practice of plastic material mechanics, if we want to improve its elastic modulus, we can only open up a new path and adopt strengthening design. In recent years, galvanized spiral steel pipes made with the skills of Europe, Switzerland and the United States have begun to enter the domestic market and are widely used in ventilation and rainwater pipeline systems. Due to the limitation of anti-corrosion performance, a small amount of galvanized spiral steel pipes have not yet entered sewage pipeline projects. There is a gap in the quality management and equipment maintenance of corrugated pipes. In the field of sewage pipes, plastic corrugated pipes are mostly used, such as PVC double wall corrugated pipes, PE double wall corrugated pipes. The data in the software comes from load sensors, beam displacement sensors, extensometers and other aspects, HDPE winding wall pipes. (end)

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