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It is widely expected that mechanization should be incorporated into the construction of high standard farmland

this year's government work report proposed that the newly increased standard farmland is more than 80million mu. In order to implement the goal of high standard farmland construction, recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued the implementation measures for evaluation and incentive of high standard farmland construction (Trial). Many insiders told that the construction of high-standard farmland this year will usher in more benefits in terms of institutional mechanisms, financial support and technical support

"in the past, farmland construction was scattered in many departments, and the reform measures have completely changed the situation of 'five cows governing the farmland' in the field of farmland construction, and provided institutional and institutional guarantee for the construction of high standard farmland." Luguimin, director of the farmland construction management department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said that the new round of institutional reform will integrate the management responsibilities of the agricultural investment project of the national development and Reform Commission, the agricultural comprehensive development project of the Ministry of finance, the farmland renovation project of the former Ministry of land and resources, and the farmland water conservancy construction project of the Ministry of water resources, and put them under the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has newly established the farmland construction management department to perform the responsibilities of farmland construction and farmland quality management, which has laid the foundation for the overall planning of high-standard farmland construction

the measures further straightened out the farmland construction management system and mechanism. According to Lu Guimin's analysis, the "method" highlights the seasonal characteristics of farmland construction projects. 4. The spring tension compression fatigue testing machine is driven by the electromechanical and reducer connecting cam to drive the connecting rod to move back and forth. "The construction of high standard farmland projects is affected by seasons, and the deployment of local work and the implementation of funds have cross year characteristics. In order to maintain the objectivity and integrity of the evaluation results of high standard farmland construction, we have divided the evaluation contents of various regions into two parts. The first is the comprehensive evaluation of high standard farmland construction in the previous year, which was completed synchronously in combination with the provincial governor system assessment of food security; the second is the evaluation of the progress of high standard farmland construction in the current year, which was mainly through our daily evaluation." The situation mastered by regular supervision is completed. "

since 2017, Jiangxi Province has taken the lead in coordinating and integrating funds at the provincial level to start a new round of high standard farmland construction. For many farmers in Jianxia village, Lingbei Town, Dingnan County, Ganzhou City, this year's spring ploughing has a different experience with concentrated and contiguous farmland, smooth ditches and modern facilities. According to the high standard farmland construction specifications of Jiangxi Province, the local government has defined six major standards, including land leveling, field roads, farmland power transmission and distribution. The village combines the treatment of waste mines with the construction of high-standard farmland. Now there are tractor roads, drainage and irrigation canals, etc. Villagers reported that mechanized operation is now very convenient, the unit yield of grain has also increased, and the land income has increased a lot

from a national perspective, relying on high-standard farmland construction, many former "wangtiantian", "Douli field" and "lengjiang field" have become crisscross "ten thousand mu fields", "ton grain fields" and "high-yield fields". According to the assessment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, through the construction of high-standard farmland, the average water and electricity saving rate per mu can reach 24.3% and 30.8%, and the application amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can be reduced by 13.8% and 19.1%, which reduces non-point source pollution while reducing investment. After the implementation of the high standard farmland project, the average value-added per mu of land in the project area is 231.1 yuan, with an increase rate of 48.1%. As long as the high standard farmland is properly managed and protected, the infrastructure can operate effectively for more than 15 years

"for a long time, there has been a widespread phenomenon of emphasizing quantity over quality and reusing land over land cultivation in China's cultivated land protection." Qin Guangwei, head of Yancheng cultivated land quality protection station in Jiangsu Province, said that in the past, high-standard farmland construction excellent performance funds were mainly used for infrastructure construction such as bridges, culverts, roads and gates, and less investment was made in cultivated land fertility improvement and soil remediation. Due to the relatively insufficient investment in the construction of cultivated land quality, the overall quality of cultivated land in China is not high. It is necessary to promote the implementation of the policy of using land transfer fees for the construction of cultivated land quality in all regions

the construction of high standard farmland has strong public welfare, wide benefits, large investment and long construction cycle, which must rely on the effective organization and promotion of the government. In this regard, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has promoted the integration of the original farmland construction projects and funds from the source of the central budget, and set up a special farmland construction project. The expenditure direction of the project is dedicated to farmland construction, which has been concentrated on high-standard farmland construction in recent years. No new arrangements are made, including agricultural comprehensive development, industrialization development, departmental projects and other non farmland construction projects

Qin Guangwei suggested that we should give full play to the supporting role of public finance in the construction of cultivated land quality, and include the construction and management funds of cultivated land quality in the financial budgets at all levels. From the funds used for agricultural land development and the paid land use fees of newly added construction land from the land transfer income, a certain proportion is determined to be used for land consolidation and reclamation, the construction and protection of cultivated land quality, and the improvement of agricultural production conditions. We should attach importance to the implementation of construction projects involving the quality of cultivated land, such as soil improvement of medium and low yield fields, restoration of disaster damaged cultivated land, restoration of degraded and polluted cultivated land

"the overall level of Agricultural Mechanization in China is 66%, but it is less than 40% in hilly areas. At present, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas is studying the indicators of bringing mechanization into the construction of high standard farmland", said Zhang Xingwang, director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. The farmland infrastructure in Hilly and mountainous areas is in poor condition, and some places lack tractor roads. At the same time, the land is relatively undulating, and the cultivated land is also relatively scattered, making agricultural machinery operation more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to support its suitable machine transformation. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will also co-ordinate all kinds of funds and social capital to promote the small and large fields, bending and straightening, and create conditions for the passage of agricultural machinery

"everything is born in the earth, and there is earth and grain". Yu Xinrong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said that cultivated land is the most valuable resource, and we should protect cultivated land like giant pandas after the pendulum pushes the passive needle to the right side of the dial for the second time. On the basis of protecting cultivated land, we will carry out large-scale construction of high-standard farmland and increase support for the construction of farmland water conservancy and agricultural machinery supporting facilities. According to the requirements of the central government, from 2019 to 2022, the country needs to complete 360million mu of high-standard farmland construction. In 2019, the country will ensure the newly increased standard farmland of 80million mu, synchronously develop efficient water-saving irrigation, and increase the area of efficient water-saving irrigation by more than 20million mu

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