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The first provincial capital city in China! Hangzhou had 73000 effective invention patents last year. Release date: Source: Hangzhou

innovation is the first driving force for development, and the protection of intellectual property rights is the protection of innovation. On the occasion of the 21st "World Intellectual Property Day", Hangzhou held a series of "April 26" intellectual property publicity activities on Monday, and released a white paper on the status of intellectual property protection in Hangzhou in 2020. The "white paper" systematically introduces the development of intellectual property in Hangzhou in 2020 from five aspects: the effectiveness of intellectual property protection, the mechanism and capacity-building of intellectual property protection, the achievements of intellectual property creation, the application and services of intellectual property, and the construction of intellectual property culture, and comprehensively demonstrates the positive role of intellectual property protection in Hangzhou in promoting high-quality economic and social development and showing the "important window" and "head geese style"

no small steps, no even thousands of miles; There is no river or sea without small streams. Behind the growth of these data and rankings is the accumulation of every step taken by intellectual property owners. We will build a full chain public operation service platform for intellectual property, publish a list of "one thing" services, open a "one-stop" acceptance hall, build a "cloud office" platform, connect with the "Pro Qing" platform, realize "at most one run" of all intellectual property businesses, and promote the landing of the world intellectual property organization technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) in Hangzhou, Build and improve the six in one financial service system of "investment, loan, financing, evaluation and reinsurance"... Hangzhou has made fruitful achievements in intellectual property work in the past year

the public service platform for intellectual property operation version 2.0 was launched.

as a key construction project of Hangzhou intellectual property operation system, Hangzhou intellectual property operation public service platform version 2.0 (hereinafter referred to as "2.0 platform") was officially announced to be launched

the platform focuses on digital reform, iteratively upgrading nine application scenarios, including patent pre-trial, regional innovation monitoring, patent big data query, industrial navigation, patent one-stop transaction, patent value evaluation, comprehensive protection of intellectual property, project application and intellectual property training college. It aims to promote the reform of "one thing about intellectual property" in depth, and will actively integrate into Hangzhou urban brain in the next step, Let the whole society share the "digital dividend of intellectual property"

in October last year, the China (Hangzhou) intellectual property protection center was approved to be built. "Relying on the center, the 2.0 platform will build a patent pre-trial system, and users can complete the filing of innovation subjects, patent pre-trial applications and reviews. It is expected that the cycle of invention patent authorization will be greatly shortened, speeding up the patent authorization for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Hangzhou." According to Zhong Hua, deputy director of the Intellectual Property Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision, the 2.0 platform can also realize regional innovation monitoring, and visually display the overall distribution of patents in Hangzhou in real time. "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will be invincible in a hundred battles. The 2.0 platform benchmarked patent data with 12 key cities, benchmarked the world around key industries, analyzed industrial patents, and displayed the ranking of regional industrial patents."

focusing on the six key industries in Hangzhou, the 2.0 platform has also built a patent navigation scene to promote the deep integration of patent analysis and industrial decision-making, and provide path guidance and decision support for the high-quality development of the industry. Taking smart medicine as an example, the application scenario shows the overall situation of patents in the industry from multiple technical dimensions; Carry out in-depth interpretation of key patents in the industry, identify the most cited patents and the largest patent family, and display the global layout of key patents in this field in real time. "This helps to present the patent value of Hangzhou smart medical industry in real time." Zhong Hua added

in addition, the 2.0 platform has also built a comprehensive intellectual property protection platform. Users can apply for rights protection assistance, so that intellectual property mediation, arbitration, administrative and judicial protection can be achieved directly with one click. At the same time, it can realize the deposit and evidence collection, and effectively solve the problem of difficult proof for rights protection

both quantity and quality of intellectual property creation achievements

adhering to the innovation driven development strategy, Hangzhou has been striving to build an influential source of intellectual property creation. According to the latest data of the white paper, in 2020, the number of effective invention patents in Hangzhou reached 73000, an increase of 25.2%, ranking first in the provincial capital of China; There are 70.75 invention patents and 2030 PCT international patent applications; The cumulative number of effective registered trademarks reached 812900, ranking first in the province and second in the provincial capital city; Hangzhou ranked 25th in the latest ranking of the 2020 global innovation index released by the world intellectual property organization

"while thoroughly implementing the strategy of strengthening enterprises with intellectual property rights, Hangzhou has also fully implemented the pilot work of enterprise intellectual property management norms. At present, 1090 demonstration enterprises with intellectual property advantages at national, provincial and municipal levels have been cultivated, and a total of 1048 enterprises have passed the standard certification. In terms of use and protection, it is somewhat different from the traditional experimental machine, and intellectual property custody services cover 2907 small and micro enterprises." According to Lin Xiao, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision (Hangzhou Intellectual Property Office), in addition to winning 17 outstanding awards for Chinese patents and appearance patents, and cultivating 20 high-value patent portfolios based on quality, Hangzhou has a total of 7 national intellectual property strong areas, strong counties, demonstration parks, service industry development demonstration areas, and navigation experimental areas; 15 provincial intellectual property strong areas and parks; There are 2 provincial trade secret protection demonstration areas and 310 provincial and municipal trade secret protection demonstration stations (points). 21 brand service guidance stations will be built. 18 New Indica Japonica Hybrid Rice Varieties independently bred by the municipal seed industry group were selected for the variety approval test in 7 provinces, and many new varieties such as "Lifeng 4" won provincial and municipal awards. The cumulative invention patent applications in the three major industries of biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and digital economy were 33016, 73500 and 16725 respectively, all ranking in the forefront of the country

this year is the first year of the 14th five year plan. The outline of the national 14th five year plan has made clear arrangements for intellectual property work in the next five years. In the planning indicators, the "ownership of high-value invention patents per 10000 people" is included as an important indicator, replacing the "ownership of invention patents per 10000 people" indicator during the "12th Five Year Plan" and "13th five year plan". It can be seen that intellectual property work has changed from pursuing quantity to improving quality. Hangzhou's intellectual property creation achievements are also moving forward in the direction of both vector and quality

intellectual property protection continues to increase

West Lake Longjing is one of Hangzhou's "golden cards", and its production area is limited to the West Lake Longjing tea protection base. "West Lake Longjing" trademark is a geographical indication certification trademark, and the trademark right is closely related to the origin of Longjing tea. However, there are many fake "West Lake Longjing" in the market. Previously, some consumers bought bulk Longjing tea grown in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, and pretended to be "West Lake Longjing" after packaging. Merchants selling fake "West Lake Longjing" were subsequently seized by law enforcement officers and fined 60000

in this regard, Hangzhou launched a special rectification of the "West Lake Longjing" last year, dispatched 6951 law enforcement personnel, filed 49 cases, transferred one case to the public security, and found more than 440000 illegal "West Lake Longjing" packages in order to work better. In 2020, at the level of strengthening administrative law enforcement, Hangzhou market supervision department filed 1772 cases of patent counterfeiting and infringement; 547 cases of trademark infringement were investigated and dealt with, with 13.6766 million fines, 49 cases of geographical indication certification trademark were investigated and dealt with, with 207200 fines; Economic losses of 1466200 were recovered

in order to further improve the docking mechanism of intellectual property litigation and mediation, Hangzhou has also opened an online platform of intellectual property litigation and mediation center, built an arbitration and mediation center of the intellectual property arbitration court, and set up the China (Hangzhou) intellectual property · international commercial mediation cloud platform to realize the "one-off" mediation of intellectual property and international commercial disputes. In the whole year, 6216 mediation cases were accepted, 4303 cases were completed, and 1395 cases were successful, with a success rate of 32.42%, The amount involved was 841million yuan

with the construction of a "strict, large, fast and identical" protection system for intellectual property rights as the starting point, Hangzhou has used strict judicial protection to crack down on intellectual property violations. Last year, the Hangzhou Municipal Court accepted 13700 intellectual property cases in Hangzhou and other six places, accounting for about 55% of the total number of intellectual property cases in the province; It has accepted 12820 cases in Hangzhou, 66 criminal cases of intellectual property rights, 10475 cases involving civil first instance, 93 cases of infringement and counterfeiting of intellectual property rights prosecuted by the municipal procuratorate, and 70 arrests approved. The Municipal Public Security Bureau filed 119 criminal cases of infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of fake and shoddy commodities, took the initiative to crack down on 40 cross regional projects, took coercive measures against 299 people, and destroyed 80 production and storage dens, involving a value of more than 50 million

recently, the Hangzhou intermediate people's court signed the framework agreement on the administrative and judicial docking mechanism ranking No. 1 in the chemical industry for patent protection with the market supervision bureaus (intellectual property offices) of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Jinhua, Lishui and Quzhou, respectively. Chen Kai, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of justice, and Lin Xiao, member of the Party committee and deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision (Intellectual Property Office), awarded the "Hangzhou people's Mediation Committee for intellectual property disputes" and "Hangzhou Technical Committee for intellectual property standardization" respectively. "This is our city's active implementation of the" opinions on strengthening intellectual property protection "issued by the central office and the state office It is required to build a "strict, big, fast and same" protection system for intellectual property rights. UL's performance materials laboratory in Suzhou has officially completed the protection system, strengthen the cooperation and linkage of all relevant departments of intellectual property rights, promote the effective connection of intellectual property dispute mediation, arbitration, administrative and judicial protection, and strive to form an important measure of "strict, big, fast and same" protection system. " Lin Xiao said

Hangzhou is a city of innovation and vitality, and is building a "Hangzhou sample" to optimize the business environment. For Hangzhou, the protection of intellectual property rights is at the right time

strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights will provide a strong guarantee for further stimulating Hangzhou's innovation vitality, optimizing the business environment and promoting high-quality development

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