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Tips for printing numbers

in daily life, we will encounter many printing businesses. 2. The loading speed cannot be controlled to brush numbers within the specified time. In view of the particularity of printing, it is impossible to print numbers by coding, and we can only adopt various simple methods according to local conditions

for example, to print a key card, it adopts 1mm transparent plexiglass, spray silver paint on the back, engrave on the back with a mechanical engraving machine, and then spray color paint. It is made on both sides, and the middle is bonded with two-sided glue. Due to the large amount, small handwriting, three sets of colors, and small numbers, if you insist on using an engraving machine, it will undoubtedly take time and labor, and there are many defective products. Printing can solve most problems, which can easily occur in number printing, One is that it is impossible to make a version of each number. The other is the alignment problem of number spelling. Although the engraving machine can be controlled to make numbers during blanking, it is not required. It is also very troublesome to register the engraving after printing. At this time, the transparency of plexiglass can be used for perspective alignment printing

first make a small version, and the typesetting method is: 0000, 0010, 0020, 0030, 0040, 0050, 0060, 0070, 0080, 0090 as a group. Its oxidation resistance has been improved, and then make 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 as a group (the number of five or six digit groups is increased by the first group of 0, and the vertical group of 0-9 is OK). In this way, a small version can spell tens of thousands of groups of numbers, which can be printed on the platen with the manuscript or the previous version, so as to draw the upper and lower baseline of the numbers, so as to avoid skewing, When printing, take 10 as a group, stack them separately, and print them in order of numbers. First, 000 (the tail o is closed with glue), 9, translate and print 000 for the base map, and then print the large number (the first group is printed), and then overprint the small number (the tail) respectively. The advantage of this is that the number will not be disordered in continuous printing, and there will be no dryness. This method is not suitable for opaque objects, and only positioning marks can be made according to the appearance of the object, Or use the method of transparencies overprint alignment, or fix the plate clamp on the movable sliding rod or chute, align the position of the substrate, and use the pin to locate. Each (Group) number is a card, so each (Group) number is moved, and a position is clamped

the above is a positive figure, so the printing method of this pair of parameter numbers should also be considered when selecting models. For negative figure numbers with bottom color, such as doorplate numbers, street names above and numbers below, or batch medals, the content is required to be the same, the numbers are exposed, and some of them need to be made into contour lines. Overprinting number codes is more difficult, because printing must have the same color, there can be no borders, making negative figure number spelling is not practical, and printing is not like offset printing with thin ink layer, Offset printing can adopt overprint, The ink thin overlap on the edge of the number is unclear. "Pay attention to the details, and the printing effect of translucent ink is incomparable. At this time, the ink that can be torn off or easily removed with tape can be used to print the number by means of positive figure number spelling, but the positioning must be accurate, and then use the negative figure graphic version after drying (the number position is completely exposed) Scraping is enough. Pay attention not to be too fast when scraping, and the ink should not be too sticky. The version should be thicker, so that a good finished product can be printed. After it is completely dry, stick the ink layer at the number position with adhesive tape to expose the empty bottom

for the number on clothing, because there are many clothing fabrics, such as work clothes, sportswear, T-Shirts, etc., which are mostly printed numbers for ready-made clothes, they generally use water slurry and cover printing white slurry for printing, but they do not know that the color fixing power of water slurry on chemical fibers is poor, and most self-employed printers cannot specially prepare the required water slurry and dry it for color fixing and rinsing after printing, while for dark fabrics, they use low-cost cover printing white slurry for printing, which has a light color after drying, The coating has a hard feel and is not resistant to washing. Although the effect of using elastic white glue or nylon white glue is good, it is still airtight, and the effect should be good enough to overprint twice. Therefore, some clothes with high requirements choose heat transfer number, which has good effect and is convenient and fast, but the price is high and the water washing resistance is poor, which is also a problem. Only the heat sublimation transfer printing or the drying and washing discharge method of dark fabrics can be used to solve it, Sublimation transfer paper for heat transfer banners can also be used

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