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Hanwhaazdel built a composite material factory in Korea

the American thermoplastic composite manufacturer hanwhaazdel, which is affiliated with Hanhua Comprehensive Chemical Co., Ltd. in South Korea, announced on June 19 that the company is spending $20million to build a new factory in South Korea to produce plastic composites for transportation and industrial fields

the new plant will produce the company's "superlite" brand light reinforced thermoplastic composites (lwrt). The plant is located in Fujiang, South Korea, and is scheduled to be put into operation in 2014. The company is also engaged in the production of glass fiber board thermoplastic composites (GMT) locally

billmills, global sales and marketing director of Hanwha azdel company headquartered in Fenton, Michigan, said: "with the increasing global demand for this material, we have made this strategic investment decision to support our customers around the world by expanding production capacity, so as to ensure the continuous supply of light thermoplastic composites in Asia."

<1. Polyamide pap> the new lwrt plant and the existing GMT plant will mainly supply multinational automobile, heavy truck and recreational vehicle manufacturers and industrial enterprises' production plants in Asia

according to the company, it is estimated that the global demand for composite materials will increase at an annual rate of% from now until 2020

according to the company, its lwrt material is a low-density version of GMT material. Compared with the traditional GM Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. experimental machine, it has a very professional experimental machine team T. this new material can reduce quality and cost, and improve acoustic damping at the same time

the company is also expanding its business in the United States to help improve the safety and health conditions of employees' working and living environment. Its parent company Hanhua Integrated Chemical Co., Ltd. built a new global automotive business center in Fenton, Michigan in the second half of 2011

this is Hanhua's first global headquarters outside Korea. In addition to being the headquarters of its automotive business, the center is also engaged in the research and development of composite materials

in addition, in a word, the company also has an automobile injection molding plant in Opelika, Alabama, USA, which produces parts based on GMT and foamed polypropylene foam

Hanhua Integrated Chemical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, supplies various materials for the automotive, solar and electronic industries

hanwha azdel business department was bought by the company in 2007. At that time, it was called azdel company. It was originally jointly owned by Saudi Basic Innovative Plastics Department headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and PPG industries in Pittsburgh

Hanhua group, the parent company of Hanhua Comprehensive Chemical Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive business group in South Korea, with 30000 employees worldwide and sales of US $31.6 billion in 2011

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