Hangzhou strengthens the supervision of fire prote

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Hangzhou strengthens the supervision of fire products and cracks down on fake and inferior fire retardant coatings

Hangzhou strengthens the supervision of fire products and cracks down on fake and inferior fire retardant coatings

November 13, 2012

[China paint information] in order to strengthen the publicity of fire products, purify the market operating environment, and effectively curb the breeding and spread of unqualified fire prevention products, Hangzhou Gongshu brigade, in combination with the 119 fire Publicity Day activities, has jointly organized the industrial and commercial, quality supervision and other departments of the district to carry out the production Manufacturers and business departments operating and circulating channels conducted surprise inspections, and severely cracked down on illegal acts of selling fake fire-fighting products

during the "11.9" fire Publicity Day, Gongshu District's joint law enforcement officers focused on a comprehensive investigation of the operation and sales of fire products in Jianhua hardware market. The fire retardant coating business unit was the main object of the inspection, and the inspection was carried out by combining the review of sales license materials, random sampling of products and quality inspection. According to the rules for on-site inspection and determination of fire protection products (GA), the inspectors first made on-site judgment on the product quality of fire-fighting plastic extruder enterprises in China, such as sampled fire extinguishers, decorative fire-proof coatings, which have significantly increased orders. For several batches of fire-fighting products with large price differences and possible quality problems, they carefully checked the product inspection reports and purchase and sales records. In order to ensure the fairness and accuracy of sampling inspection, law enforcement personnel sealed all suspicious products on site and sent them to the fire product quality inspection center for further testing

recently, according to the detection of suspicious fire-fighting products, the decorative fire-fighting products sold by Hua'an fire-fighting equipment business department in Jianhua hardware market were found to be unqualified in the inspection of fire-fighting time, carbonization volume, quality, which can improve the low-frequency small damping comprehensive resonance state loss and flame propagation ratio caused by the coupling of mechanism resonance and hydraulic system, and the product was judged to be a fake and inferior fire-proof coating. In strict accordance with the test results, the brigade actively informed the industry and Commerce Department of the situation, coordinated to strictly seize the first opportunity as soon as possible, investigated and dealt with illegal acts of selling fake fire products, and cracked down on illegal businesses

the joint inspection of multiple departments is a comprehensive and close monitoring from the production, sales and circulation of fire products, which will effectively destroy the illegal industrial chain of fake and shoddy fire products. At the same time, the daily inspection and special treatment are organically combined to form a high-pressure situation in the management of fire products, effectively prevent unqualified fire products from entering the market, and ensure the good maintenance of market order, Favorable control of fire safety

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