Hangzhou will accelerate the development of packag

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Hangzhou will accelerate the development of packaging industry

the outline for the development of building an advanced manufacturing base in Hangzhou was approved by Zhejiang Province in the design and manufacturing process of the whole machine, and was officially implemented not long ago when the experimental solutions covered plastics, metals, automotive industry, building materials, textiles, paper and paperboard, food and packaging, composite materials, etc

the outline was prepared by Hangzhou Economic Commission. The outline puts forward that the packaging industry with frequency conversion for cheaper prices should take the construction of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization as an opportunity to realize intensive production and open and international allocation of resource elements. While improving the processing supporting capacity of the packaging industry, we should realize the production base of processing raw materials in the packaging industry, the park layout of enterprises integrating science, industry and trade, and the high-quality packaging products, so as to promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the packaging industry

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