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Lufeng Anchuan robot servo motor maintenance preferred [Haoshun electromechanical]

Lufeng Anchuan robot servo motor maintenance preferred [Haoshun electromechanical]

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Lufeng Anchuan robot servo motor maintenance preferred [Haoshun electromechanical]

an integrated servo motor, servo motor (1) is connected with servo drive through cooling device, The cooling device includes a cooling jacket, the servo 326 industrial enterprise service motor (1) is sleeved in the cooling jacket, the housing (2) of the servo driver is tested according to the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 metallic Charpy Notch Impact test method, which is connected with the cooling jacket, and the wall of the cooling jacket has a cooling channel; The housing (2) of the servo driver is a housing made of metal heat-conducting material with a closed cavity inside, and a fan (11) is installed inside; The electrical junction box (16) is located in the cooling jacket, and the encoder (1 adjusts the level 7 of the experimental machine) is connected to the central shaft of the servo motor (1) near the end of the electrical junction box (16); The servo driver is provided with a shockproof device for protecting the electronic components (12) installed therein. After adopting this structure, the heat dissipation effect is good, the cooling effect is better, and the maintenance is convenient

maintenance of injection molding machine injection molding machine has the ability to form plastic products with complex appearance, precise size or dense texture with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education and health, and various fields of people's daily life. Injection molding process has good adaptability to the processing of various plastics, high production capacity, and easy to realize automation. Today, with the rapid development of the plastic industry, injection molding machines play an important role in both quantity and variety, so they have become one of the fastest growing and largest production types of plastic machinery. China's plastic processing enterprises, xingluoqibu, are all over the country, and the technical level of equipment is uneven. The equipment of most processing enterprises needs technical transformation. In recent years, the technological progress of China's plastic machine industry is very significant, especially the gap between the technical level of injection molding machine and foreign famous brand products has been greatly narrowed, and significant improvements have been made in the control level, internal quality and appearance of products

a servo motor test platform, including base, speed change device, load and distance measuring device; A test base for fixing the servo motor to be tested and a fixed base for fixing the speed change device are formed on the base; The speed change device has an input shaft and an output lifting rod, the servo motor to be tested can be connected with the input shaft, and the load is installed on the top of the lifting rod; Wherein: the servo motor to be tested drives the speed change device through the input shaft, the speed change device drives the load to move up or down through the lifting rod, and the test equipment with double digital display has become the mainstream equipment, and the distance measuring device measures the displacement of the load. The displacement of the load driven by the servo motor to be tested can be measured with high precision, and the whole test platform can fully simulate the actual working condition of the up and down transfer mechanism of the printing equipment, making the test results more reliable and accurate. Dgshjdjsyxgs

but after we eliminate the above four motor faults, generally speaking, the fault of short driving mileage of the whole vehicle is not caused by the motor, which is related to the attenuation of battery capacity, the charger is not fully charged, and the controller parameter drift (PWM signal does not reach 100%). The lack of phase of electric vehicle motor is generally caused by the damage of Hall element of brushless motor. By measuring the resistance of the output lead of the hall element to the hall ground wire and the lead of the hall power supply, we can use the comparison method to judge which Hall element has failed. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of motor commutation position, it is generally recommended to replace all three Hall elements at the same time. Before replacing Hall elements, it must be clear whether the phase algebraic angle of the motor is 120 ° or 60 °. Generally, the three Hall elements of the 120 ° phase angle motor are placed in parallel. For the 60 ° phase angle motor, the hall element in the middle of the three Hall elements is placed in the position of turning 180 °. Do you understand? In the future, if the motor of my electric car breaks down, I will eliminate it by myself

an oil-cooled servo motor with brake for rapier loom, including an oil-cooled servo motor (1), a brake (2), and a brake (2) arranged in the oil-cooled servo motor (1). The invention adopts an oil-cooled servo motor with a brake to directly drive the loom, and adopts an oil-cooled servo motor with a brake to directly drive the loom. When parking, the main motor stops at the same time, reducing energy consumption; Omitting the clutch and slow transmission part makes the structure simple, the transmission chain reduced, easy to maintain and adjust, high efficiency, convenient and fast speed change, at the same time, the host speed realizes panel input adjustment, and strengthens the function of man-machine dialogue; The oil-cooled servo motor with brake is directly driven, with short braking time and high-speed end braking, small torque and easy control; When the loom stops with broken yarn, the parking angle can be accurately determined, which is convenient for maintenance and eliminates the starting gear

domestic equipment can also produce products with the same quality as imported equipment with a small investment. These have created conditions for the technological transformation of enterprises. To have good products, we must have good equipment. The wear and corrosion of equipment is a natural law. If people master this law, they can prevent or reduce the wear and corrosion of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment, and ensure the integrity rate of equipment. In order to strengthen the use, maintenance and management of plastic machinery, relevant departments in China have formulated relevant standards and implementation rules, All equipment management departments and production enterprises are required to ensure the management and use of equipment "Scientific management, correct use, reasonable lubrication, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, planned maintenance, improve the intactness rate of the equipment, so that the equipment is often in good condition. This paper has written the relevant knowledge and technical data of injection molding machine maintenance, which can be used as a reference for the managers and technicians of equipment management departments and production enterprises. Plastic injection molding technology has developed from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century according to the principle of die casting.

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