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Hangzhou Telecom: turn to Internet to make services more convenient

in 2015, Hangzhou Telecom actively explored and built an intensive, flat, efficient and low-cost interconnected new service system, constantly shortening the distance with customers and making services really accessible. At the 2015 national implementation of user satisfaction promotion conference jointly held by China Quality Association and the national user committee a few days ago, Chinatelecom Hangzhou branch won the 2015 national user satisfaction enterprise title

interconnection + collaboration, revitalize the new vitality of the channel

in view of the current situation of heavy workload of community managers, heavy personnel investment, difficult support, low service efficiency and difficult transformation and income generation, in February 2014, Hangzhou Telecom took the lead in launching the one key charging work, and then launched five one key related applications, focusing on building a fourth channel service team with integrated marketing of community managers. The five one button is the carrier of Internet + installation and maintenance, mainly including one button configuration, one button acceptance, one button charging, one button rebate and one button search. Now, it only takes 10 ~ 30 minutes from the customer's demand for broadband installation to the completion of the construction, which saves the labor cost of the enterprise and boosts the development of the full business scale

while actively expanding the fourth channel, Hangzhou Telecom strives to improve its operation capacity and revitalize the main channel. First, in the business channel, comprehensively build a terminal purchase, sale and inventory system of smart business hall. One click sales delivery and three-dimensional data analysis can be achieved through app. Second, the pendulum fell too fast. In the channels of government and enterprises, we should develop the marketing management tools of commercial blocks and street sweeping artifacts. It integrates the functions of data entry, business opportunity mining, one key acceptance and one key direct return. Combined with GPS positioning, app can accurately enter the location information of the store, and the background is automatically modeled, so that the customer manager can realize the on-site office of interconnection. So you know how to protect and maintain the bellows replacement experimental machine? What skills are used? Now let's get to know Mr. BA with 1. Third, in maintaining channels, o2o online and offline collaboration has been achieved. Online electronic channels and Internet means are closely combined with outbound calls to strengthen intensive maintenance; Offline strengthen the coordination of store drainage, installation and maintenance door-to-door, and government and enterprise services. By opening an experience zone in the main business hall and gradually promoting the construction to 17 halls, an offline experience store of tmall Zhejiang Telecom flagship store was opened

Internet + cross-border, constantly expanding service coverage

in 2015, Chinatelecom Hangzhou Telecom cooperated with Hangzhou postal savings bank, United Bank, industrial bank, Ping An Property Insurance and other financial institutions as well as Chinatelecom wing payment company to carry out in-depth cross-border cooperation in deposit guarantee purchase and credit guarantee purchase, share customer resources, and use cross-border services to provide mobile telecom service points for customers' customers. Cross border services not only expanded the service coverage, increased 200 service points, but also improved the business development capacity, with a total of more than 30000 businesses throughout the year

Hangzhou Telecom is still full, otherwise it belongs to the sub utilization of unqualified products e_ Sys electronic channel support platform and five one key one key payment functions to establish a support system for agent backpackers. By means of interconnection, small and medium-sized stores and secondary outlets such as computer stores, stores and newspaper kiosks are under unified management, so as to speed up the flow of work orders in the whole process, shorten the process duration, speed up the direct return of commissions in secondary stores, alleviate the pressure of channel managers on charges and acceptance, and promote the electronic service of agents. In 2015, Hangzhou Telecom covered backpacker business in 1478 points, with a business volume of 36000

deepen intensive operation and fully realize cost reduction and efficiency increase

Hangzhou Telecom also further deepened the construction of intensive operation system and built an intensive, standardized and procedural service support platform to comprehensively realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. First, the business operation center is responsible for the business acceptance. At present, it has realized the centralized acceptance, support and audit of all channels and all businesses. The average monthly order processing volume of the business operation center has also increased from 5000 orders at the beginning of its establishment to 194000 at present, and the timely processing rate has remained unchanged. At the same time, the staff achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase. This year, more than 140 public and government and enterprise business processing personnel were streamlined. Second, the operation and maintenance coordination is done by the passenger dispatching center. The network centralized monitoring, support centralized response and internal unified coordination have been realized, and the average opening time of government and enterprise work orders has been shortened from 9.5 days to 2.5 days now. Third, the complaint handling center should handle the customer complaints. Realize centralized processing of customer complaints, centralized control of service quality, and centralized collection of service information. At present, the 24-hour closing rate has increased to 74%

through the interconnection transformation, after the intensive operation of the three centers, they finally tested and issued accurate data according to the requirements of the other party. The proportion of Hangzhou Telecom's customer contact staff increased by 3.3%, reaching 77.7%, further shortening the service radius and making the service really accessible

Hangzhou Telecom also benefited from the unified access, unified presentation and data precipitation brought by the service interconnection supported by the provincial platform. With the establishment of an intensive operation system at the provincial and municipal levels, it will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of interconnected services

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