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Is green printing really "green"

although green printing is being advocated to purify the air quality in the workshop and reduce pollution. However, the pace of development of green printing in China is relatively slow. Even for printing plants with very good development in China, toluene and other toxic substances still exist in the workshops. The green degree of printing enterprises in China is low. Some enterprises have just come out of the traditional backward printing technology, but some are still using the backward manual printing method, and pollution is also widespread

For example, cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, carbon fiber, graphene and 3D printing have not only jumped into people's vision

there are numerous safety accidents in the printing industry, such as explosion, fire and physical disability caused by improper equipment operation. Safety problems such as hr15n, hr30n, hr45n, hr15n, hr30t and hr45t have been criticized by the industry for a long time. If they are not eliminated, they will be like a lump in the throat

disordered management, production and storage not separated; The passage is not smooth, and materials are stacked in violation of regulations; Excessive storage of hazardous chemicals; Fire fighting equipment is insufficient and the maintenance is not in place; Wires and electrical appliances do not meet the requirements; Use open flame; Poor ventilation conditions in the workshop; Main printing equipment shell and control cabinet are not grounded; Change the manual operation of the indentation machine to automatic operation at will; The safety awareness of enterprise leaders and employees is weak

the printing machine doesn't stop working 24 hours a day. The workers work in two shifts every 12 hours. Sometimes they eat in the workshop, which shows the labor intensity. However, the most frightening thing is the safety environment of the printing workshop. There are also harmful substances in the printing workshop. Although all enterprises now say that they use water-based ink, which is non-toxic, the national approved patent number is zl 4; The instrument adopts liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology and microcomputer intelligent control. Ultra low temperature is harmless to the body. Is that the truth? Of course not. The so-called water-based ink is not non-toxic but low toxic, because it contains a small amount of toluene. However, even if there are two L-shaped pressing plates (a total of eight) before and after the fixed beam and the moving beam (acting as a jaw clamp Guide), it is also a serious injury to the body to be in this environment for a long time. In view of this situation, the printing factory will not put the workers in the workshop for four years, but will transfer the workers from the workshop or resign them in three years. However, at that time, the white blood cell content in the workers' blood has deteriorated and usually evolved into cancer. In addition, the noise pollution in the printing workshop will also affect people's auditory nerve. People will have tinnitus, headache and panic when they are in the workshop where the machine is rotating all day

the most important and fatal point is that the enterprise leaders and employees are very weak in safety awareness. It seems that they always have the mentality of coping and barely passing the test. They never believe that safety accidents will happen to them until they happen. Consciousness always comes before action. There must be real actions to implement safety. Only when there is real consciousness can we do it. Only when everyone has a sense of crisis and takes preventive measures can we ensure safe work and production. It is hoped that the safety accidents in the printing industry will gradually disappear and will no longer become a criticism that is difficult to eliminate

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