Is tcl65q1 and 65q1d the same

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Are tcl65q1 and 65q1d the same in detail? Where is the difference between tcl65q1 and 65q2m

tcl TV 65q1d and 65q1 are two popular series of TCL. The main difference is that the time to market is different. This 65q1d is listed later, and the CPU and operating system versions are different. The CPU of Q1 is cortex a, and climb to other pages along the URL in any page 73 dual core +cortex A53 dual core (64 bit) 1.5GHz. The CPU of q1D is cortex A53 quad core (64 bit) 1.7GHz. The operating system of Q1 is Android 8.0, and the operating system of q1D is Android 6.0. There are not many functional differences

tcl TV 65q1d and 65q1 JD. Com's latest quotation and comments:

II. TCL TV 65q1d quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 4599.00

2. User comments:

the TV has been used for more than ten days. Generally speaking, I am quite satisfied with it. The intelligent system has a fast response speed. Without this product, there will be a Caton phenomenon in the bancassurance channel. The picture quality is very good, especially the sound effect is very good. Excellent picture quality and comfortable color! With good speakers, it's even better to watch hip-hop dancing

the TV is good to use. I choose the old brand. I especially like Manhattan stereo. Although the size of the sound sample is very small, the 65 inch full screen is really good, just like watching movies at home. More popular models of tmall TCL TV

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