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Has the exhibition economy of the printing and packaging industry gone too far?

in recent years, international exhibitions, conferences and industry forums have been launched in major cities in China. With the rapid expansion of the number and scale, the strength of the exhibition economy is obvious to all, and more and more people pay attention to it. As the saying goes, no profit without getting up early. It is precisely because the exhibition economy has brought huge economic and social benefits that it can shine brightly in China, making businesses join in and enjoy it

however, while vigorously promoting the exhibition economy, many worrying and reflective problems have emerged. Many exhibitions not only lack innovative themes and similar contents, but also are too small and have mixed exhibitors. In some printing and packaging exhibitions, we can even see merchants selling bags. Some exhibitions have a lot of foam elements in their turnover, and the surface turnover is very large. However, many of them have already made transactions in advance and just go through the show. Such quick success and instant benefit behaviors not only can not produce economic benefits, but also greatly undermine the enthusiasm of businessmen for participating in the exhibition. It is not worth the loss

it is unscientific to blindly develop the exhibition economy, especially in the printing and packaging industry, which is relatively lack of communication methods in the industry and has strong regional characteristics. Faced with the current situation of printing and packaging exhibitions blooming everywhere, many people in the industry have expressed the sigh that they can't see too many exhibitions. There are certain preconditions for developing exhibition economy. Not every city or region is suitable for developing exhibition economy during the experimental process. Only when some large and medium-sized cities with prosperous specific industries, convenient transportation and complete urban facilities hold exhibitions, can they truly reflect the superiority of the exhibition economy and give full play to the role of the exhibition itself. However, when people see the benefits brought by the exhibition, they believe that developing the exhibition economy is a shortcut to get rich. Therefore, there are a swarm of phenomena with Chinese characteristics in many cities. They are eager to get rich by holding exhibitions. The result is just the opposite

many local governments regard the holding of exhibitions as a political achievement project. Why bother if they are so successful and flashy that they have nothing to gain except face! We should take a long-term view and treat the exhibition as a brand. Only by holding a professional, large-scale and distinctive exhibition can it be recognized by the industry and improve the popularity of the exhibition. Only in this way can we attract more high-end enterprises and more customers so as to obtain more long-term benefits, and can we not significantly reduce the purchase cost, improve the vehicle power and enhance its safety so as to become a one-off deal

advantages of exhibition economy

according to economics, the formation and development of exhibition activities as an industry is an inevitable historical and economic process. When the exhibition industry plays a leading role in the whole macroeconomic system or regional economic system, drives the development of related industries, becomes the main representative of economic market competitiveness, and becomes the main creative force of incremental assets and value-added capital, a new economic form - exhibition economy is formed

the advantages of the exhibition economy are: with the development of the exhibition industry, its driving effect, linkage effect and economic contribution will far exceed the value of the exhibition itself, and have a good driving effect on tourism, catering and other industries. Especially in China, whether Beijing is the capital, the exhibition industries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and other places with superior geographical location are booming, and bring unlimited business opportunities to the local economy, It has driven the development of the whole local economy

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