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Is AWS building a data center in Taiwan

aws announced that it would establish an office in Taiwan and set up local technology and sales teams in Taiwan. Rong Yongkang, global vice president of Amazon AWS, pointed out that AWS would expand its investment in the Taiwan market and provide comprehensive IT planning services for Taiwan's large enterprises

aws announced the establishment of an office in Taiwan, and he said that there were local technology and sales teams in Taiwan. Rong Yongkang, global vice president of Amazon AWS, pointed out that AWS would expand its investment in the Taiwan market and further provide comprehensive IT planning services for Taiwan's large enterprises. At present, AWS also aims to penetrate the public cloud into the banking industry. However, Rong Yongkang pointed out that the regulations of the Taiwan government on supervising the public cloud of banks are still unclear, so, At present, AWS is working with the Taiwan government to further understand the regulatory scope, such as which information cannot be put on the public cloud

in addition, Rong Yongkang also disclosed that AWS has completed the second round of evaluation report on the data center in Taiwan and sent it to the U.S. headquarters for further evaluation. It is expected that the results of the data center built in Taiwan will be published this year. He pointed out that at present, AWS has 16 AWS region level operation centers all over the world and a total of 42 usable areas. For example, three usable areas have been built in the same region in Japan, Rong Yongkang said, In each region, at least two availability zones (AZ) data centers will form a cluster. The protection and maintenance of pressure blasting testing machine: to provide a high availability architecture

he pointed out that the most important consideration affecting AWS' decision on whether to set up a data center in Taiwan is the operating cost. He said that although Taiwan enterprises have increasingly strong demand for the cloud, generally speaking, the number of enterprises that import AWS must reach a certain scale to meet the investment cost of Amazon's data center in Taiwan. Others, such as the location of the data center evaluation, have not been disclosed

at the same time, liuxilin, associate manager of it headquarters of MediaTek, also shared his experience in building AWS. He pointed out that MediaTek is facing competition in chip R & D all over the world, and has to cooperate with more than 100 wafer foundries every year. At present, MediaTek has the largest computing capacity in the whole Taiwan, and even TSMC has only two-thirds of the computing capacity of MediaTek. In addition, MediaTek has many branches in the world, including Singapore, India and the United Kingdom in addition to China. He pointed out that since the cost of building data centers around the world is too high, the flexibility of the cloud is very important

liuxilin pointed out that at present, the great challenge faced by MediaTek is to deconstruct the internal R & D process of martenfort formula company since last year. At present, MediaTek has more than 100 R & D and design processes. It will take a long time to cut the processes into sections, move them to the cloud through modularization, and then verify them. In addition, he also said that this year, MediaTek it still has a big challenge in how to use the cloud to meet the sudden increase in computing capacity through more than 100 design processes. He said that if this thing can be done, the company will not need to prepare many resources in the future. Just to meet the sudden increase in computing capacity, the company can save a lot of costs

Amazon also officially announced in Taiwan today that it had announced a number of services at the AWS re:invent annual conference. In addition to strengthening cloud computing capabilities, it also announced three new Amazon AI services. Zhangshuyuan, a Taiwan AWS technology missionary of Amazon, pointed out that in order to meet the needs of enterprises for deep learning and big data analysis, which require a large number of cloud computing, Amazon introduced seven new virtual machine solutions at the AWS re:invent conference. For example, in the EC2 instance, it is for enterprises to use GPU computing, and the other is to add a new computing solution F1 to meet the needs of enterprises for deep learning and machine learning computing, This is to run FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) on EC2 platform. Users can package FPGA code into an image file and upload it to F1 for execution

in other updated computing solutions, under the demand of the enterprise to continuously expand the amount of computing, the T2 series expands the computing specifications, which are arge, including 16gib memory, 4vcpu and 32gib memory and 8vcpu for t2.2xlarge. The R series launched R4, upgraded the memory to DDR4, increased the capacity to 488gib, doubled compared with the previous generation R3, and 64 vcpu

while AWS CEO Andy Jassy stressed the need to invest in in-depth learning and thousands of it people in research and development, Amazon launched three new cloud AI services at AWS re:invent. The first is Amazon rekognition, an image recognition and analysis service that can not only search and compare faces, but also analyze objects and scenes

the second AI service is Amazon Polly. Zhangshuyuan pointed out that this function can convert text into living voice. With 47 intonations, it has supported 24 languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, etc., but it has not yet supported Chinese. In addition, Amazon also launched Amazon lex, which uses the same in-depth learning technology as Alexa now, for enterprises and customers to talk through voice and text, such as Chatbot dialogue robot. In addition, zhangshuyuan also pointed out that it has been launched Lambda@Edge This is an extended version of lambda for enterprises to run and JavaScript on cloudfront edge nodes. However, when will it be released formally? One thing we can't help but say is that the most important and noticeable version of AWS is sensitive to accuracy

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