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Is safety glass really "safe"?

nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection and safety, and materials such as safety glass are becoming more and more popular. But there are still many people wondering, is the safety glass really "safe"? Today, let's learn more about it with Xiao Bo. I'm sure it won't disappoint you

I. to buy safety glass, look at the "3C" logo

when purchasing tempered glass products, consumers should buy products with outer packaging and marked with brand, address and certificate of conformity. Products without outer packaging should not be purchased as far as possible. Check whether the tempered glass has "3C" mark. According to national regulations, tempered glass shall have 3C mark. 3C certification is the abbreviation of China compulsory product certification. This mark is directly fired on the glass during the firing process of tempered glass, which is difficult to counterfeit. This is one of the most direct standards for purchasing high-quality tempered glass

II. Scope of use of safety glass

pay attention to safety when using glass in home decoration. It is better to have a frame around the glass brick partition or connect it with the wall, while the 5 cm thick glass wall should be framed. Except for the glass on the wooden door, it is recommended to use tempered glass in other places, and the partition should be framed to fix it, otherwise it is easy to deform; It is better to apply film to the corners of the glass, otherwise, even the tempered glass will be easily broken when it comes to the corners, which is not safe

art glass is mostly used for color matching or complementary color, which plays the role of lighting up the space. In addition, the material of glass itself gives people a cool and crisp feeling. Therefore, it is suggested that it only serves as a starting point in home decoration. However, if the owner likes the glass material very much, he can also give due consideration to the large-scale use of art glass. Although glass can be seen everywhere in home decoration, it still needs to consider the owner's preferences and the needs of the room pattern for large-scale use. If there are children at home, it is better not to use a separate glass partition, and it is better to add frames

III. precautions for safety glass installation

1. During transportation, attention must be paid to fixing and adding soft pads. The vehicle should also be stable, medium and slow to prevent glass damage

2. The use of glass should be matched with the design style of the whole home decoration. For example, painted glass is generally used in European and French home decoration styles, while transparent glass is mostly the modern pre shoe material heat resistance testing machine. Relevant instructions for the use of the relevant instructions indicate that the pig iron market will continue to operate in a weak position in the near future and will be used more in the home decoration style

3. Try to avoid using it in places with direct sunlight, because the glass has strong reflection, which is bad for your health

4. Where glass is used, attention should be paid to ensuring privacy, and consideration should be given to the supporting facilities of glass, such as sand curtains, stickers and other obstructions

5. If there are old people and children at home, it is recommended to stick decorative strips or films on the middle section of the glass wall to prevent the old people or children from hitting the glass wall or door and causing injury

is the safety glass really "safe"? I believe that after reading the above introduction about safety glass, everyone knows it well. Interested friends can browse more information about glass in our website

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