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Is the competition for large format printing really coming?

large scale outdoor advertising, large posters... Although our life is increasingly decorated with "works" of large format printing, most people are unfamiliar with large format printing machines that have little recycling value, because they are mainly oriented to the field of professional graphics output, and they are large in size and high in price, Therefore, it is difficult to find them in the general office area, and the amount of waste plastic will increase linearly in the future

like ordinary A4 printers, large format printers are also divided into three categories: needle printer, inkjet printer and laser printer; However, due to the lack of color in the needle type and the high price of percussion printing, it is generally believed in the Chinese printing industry that the ink with a width of more than 24 inches (61 cm), unlimited length, and accuracy requirements of 720dpi or even higher, which uses water as the carrier, is called a large format printer. Specifically, it can be divided into high-precision large format inkjet printers with a width of 24 inches (610mm) to 74 inches. Generally, those using water-based ink or weak solvent ink are called "inkjet photo machines" (referred to as LFP); Printers of more than 74 inches are customarily called large-scale printers or large-scale printers, which are mainly used for outdoor large-scale advertising

through the above introduction, we must have a certain concept of large format printing. Looking at the market, can we feel that this product that was once far away from the line of sight is quietly becoming popular? Recently, Epson extended the warranty period (including the whole machine and the print head) of its two styleus Pro Series products from one year to two years, which is another important measure taken by Epson on the service side after launching the intimate service last June; Previously, HP also introduced that users who purchase HP Designjet 500 A1 (c7769b, c7769c) can get a HP PSC 1608 color photo all-in-one machine with a value of 1499. From March 1 to April 30, users who purchase HP Designjet 800 will get a spring promotional Rhapsody of a HP color LaserJet 2600n color laser printer with a value of 3990; At the end of last year, Canon, another printing giant we are familiar with, launched two new large-scale color inkjet printers imageprogramafw8400 and imageprogramafw6400 for the graphics and image industry in China

if the original ENCAD (American Ankai), Roland (Roland), Mutoh (Wuteng) and other brands are added, the large format printing market has gathered. In particular, the joining of the three major brands of inkjet printing has not only enriched the large format printing equipment, but also significantly accelerated the pace of popularization

for many people, large format printing used to be a strange term. We can only guess the trend of this kind of market from the actions of the merchants. The market collaboration has been further improved. Has large format printing entered the competition stage

whether there will be competition in a market, profit margin is the basic driving force. With the acceleration of China's information construction, it has greatly promoted the development of the market in the field of CAD and GIS. The prosperity of the advertising market has also driven the demand for printing proofing and color inkjet painting. In particular, due to the requirements of environmental protection, China will stop external printing and lead materials next year, which will virtually bring huge business opportunities to the large format inkjet printing market. Facing the huge market demand of hundreds of billions of dollars in large format inkjet printing market, how can printer manufacturers not compete

first of all, with the increasing complexity of automated buildings, modern buildings and precision instrument design, the layers that need to be designed are becoming more and more complex. Only from the perspective of improving work efficiency, the engineering drawing spray painting application represented by CAD will completely free the constraints of manual drawing in terms of efficiency, especially the timely listing of AutoCAD 2005 Chinese version launched in the Chinese market, It has injected vitality into the development of China's CAD market, and large format inkjet printers will benefit from it; Secondly, geographic information is the most basic information, and it is also the data often used by people's lives and leaders' decisions. Although the original data can be displayed by computer or projection, the intuition of paper map can bring more convenience to engineers, especially when comparing and analyzing objects with a long distance, large format drawing has an irreplaceable advantage, so large format printing has a very common application in the field of GIS; In addition, large format output professional machines are mainly used in digital proofing in the printing industry. The traditional laser Phototypesetting Technology costs a lot to purchase at one time. The imported machines cost twoorthree million yuan, and the domestic ones cost more than 800000 yuan. Therefore, at present, large format color inkjet printers can meet the printing speed, format, processing mode and product quality requirements of publishing and printing. Finally, whether it is the various advertising signs we can see everywhere now, or the just launched photographic inkjet, it is a market for large format printers to display their talents

compared with ordinary office products, large format printing seems to have its own other sky, but in fact, its masterpieces have been around us for a long time. Moreover, because the profit points contained in it are far greater than ordinary office products, especially the market development space is huge, more than a dozen professional manufacturers at home and abroad have competed here, And we believe that there will be more brands ready to move in this market

in addition to the huge market space and high profit points in the large format market, the intensified competition in the small format printing field and the sharp decline in profits are also an important reason why many manufacturers have turned their enthusiasm into the large format market

first of all, in the field of inkjet printing, although no one can shake the status of HP, Epson and canon, the practice of keeping machines with ink has been eroded by compatible consumables for a long time. Making wedding clothes for others has become a reality that original brands have to face. Although China's compatible consumables are currently under the "337 survey", from a long-term perspective, the "337 survey" is only an expedient measure. The rise of compatible consumables in the Chinese market, which has more than 60% of the global ink cartridge manufacturing capacity, is unstoppable. Secondly, in the fight field, the dominant position of the three brands has not been ensured, but is under unprecedented threat. Take Samsung as an example. Although the brand made its debut late, its technical strength is not inferior to that of HP and other manufacturers, and it has set its own goal to surpass HP in the fight field. In fact, the recent annual reports of several media have shown that Samsung has become the second largest hit brand after HP. From the perspective of the future, the color excitation technology excelled by the three brands is also facing the threat of LED technology with more energy-saving and environmental protection performance; In addition, more importantly, the small format printing technology has been basically mature. With the reduction of the entry threshold, more and more brands flock to it, and low prices are often their inevitable trump card. In 2005, the emergence of 1000 yuan black-and-white shock and 3000 yuan color shock undoubtedly brought the competition into white hot, but also greatly reduced the profits of small format products

it is certain that with the growing maturity of small format printing technology, the advantages of HP, Epson and other printing giants built up by technology are losing, and the former "windfall profits" are difficult to maintain

unlike ordinary inkjet printers, large format printers are productive operations, and their core value is to bring more abundant operating profits to the customers they serve. Therefore, the inkjet quality and work efficiency of large format printers have become the most concerned issues of users. Therefore, compared with small format printing products, the competition of large format printers is more reflected in technology and brand effect. In turn, the competition for large format printers is already on the line

the era of large format competition is coming.

since the birth of large format printers, HP has opened up the CAD market, so the CAD market is the headquarters of HP. HP has a very high brand awareness among users and once held more than 90% of the CAD market. But canon is not weak. Its w6200, w7200 and w8200 CAD large format printers are very popular with customers. In addition, Epson has made a unique move, focusing on the rendering of color rendering. Although it accounts for a small share, the current shipments of CAD and GIS have accounted for 40% of the total shipments of Epson large format printers; The advertising inkjet market was opened up by ENCAD. It was the first manufacturer to introduce thermal inkjet technology into the inkjet field. Before 1995, it occupied almost 100% of the inkjet market share. But now ENCAD is in a very serious situation in the advertising inkjet market - HP challenges before, followed by various manufacturers. In particular, after the launch of HP 5000 inkjet series, HP's share in the advertising inkjet market has caught up with ENCAD. Among other manufacturers, Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh are all heavyweights, especially in the 50 inch to 74 inch market (1.3m, 1.6m and 1.8m), and the inkjet technology they use is Epson's, so it can also be said that they are Epson's world in this market; The war in the printing industry is the fiercest. Everyone is grabbing territory

however, in general, Epson has a much higher recognition in this circle than HP. Epson does the mainstream market in the printing industry, such as digital proofing, direct plate making, etc. In fact, Epson large format printers have achieved great success in Europe before entering the Chinese market; In addition, Epson's photography market is also relatively successful, especially in China. However, the photography market has just started. Canon and Kodak are also making active preparations. HP is no exception. Finally, we cannot ignore the efforts of domestic brands. Taking the inkjet market as an example, domestic manufacturers have long started to develop and produce their own brand inkjet machines on the basis of foreign mature technologies, and successfully developed the first air brush inkjet machine in 1998 and the piezoelectric inkjet machine in 2000. Although there is still a gap with foreign products in terms of performance and stability, it is welcomed by users because of its low price, bright colors and complete functions. Therefore, in just 2~3 years, a large number of companies engaged in ink-jet painting have emerged, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprises are fighting a price war to compete for the market. The price of inkjet painting has dropped from more than 1000 yuan/m2 at the beginning to tens of yuan/m2 or even tens of yuan/m2 now. At present, Caishen, yaselan, Fito and other brands have occupied a large market share

comments: Generally speaking, the current large format printing market has lost its former calm, and a battle to determine its own status by competition has begun. The large-scale market controlled by Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and other brands is becoming more and more familiar with the addition of HP, Epson, Canon and other brands with simple operation. The market reshuffle is undoubtedly the result of a new round of competition. Therefore, the competition really comes when we print in a large scale

information source: IT168 office viewpoint

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