Is it only domestic coating products that need to

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Is it only the domestic coating products that need to establish barriers

is it only the domestic coating products that need to establish barriers

For a long time, because domestic coatings have been at the medium and low level, people seem to think that the quality of foreign products is good, and many foreign products can be sold well once they enter the Chinese market. As a result, many agents and dealers have emerged in China, and many of them are hung with "Introduction" ×× China advanced technology ". There are many international

brands and advanced technologies here, and some are cheated by foreign illegal businessmen to pass inferior goods for good. It is often said that a large domestic enterprise purchases advanced equipment from a certain country, but introduces outdated equipment and technology, but costs a lot. What's more, a large number of imported coatings are in 5. The fixture of electronic universal testing machine has been specially designed. Foreign products that have expired, failed or caused great harm - foreign garbage is common. The appearance of foreign garbage is mostly because China has not established an inspection specification for imported products at that time

since China's entry into WTO, foreign enterprises and their products from various industries have flocked to China, which has brought great impact to domestic enterprises. The domestic coating market is mainly in the middle and low grades, and there is bad competition, resulting in many large enterprises' competition but small workshops. In the process of constantly lowering the price, the quality of the coating naturally decreases. Who knows that the 1/4 result of the zero difference should not be too small, just makes the domestic consumer group close to the foreign high-end coating products. Over time, the domestic coating will lose the competition. This is the first large-scale professional evaluation activity with the theme of "green automotive materials/products" in China. For example, light-weight micro foaming and honeycomb materials will become another main force of lightweight. If domestic coating enterprises still do not strictly control the quality and reduce the cost by improving technology, it will be sooner or later to lose the big cake of the domestic market

although there are many quality standards for coatings, there are still small workshops. What's more, there are small workshops without any certificates. They win with low prices, and quality comes second. In addition, some construction teams also cut corners on work and materials. The existence of these phenomena makes consumers distrust domestic paint products. The author once heard from a friend engaged in waterproof construction in Xiamen that due to waterproof construction in Xiamen, each batch of materials must be subject to

sampling inspection, and unqualified products must not be used. However, there are policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom, so we can do something about the construction. For example,

js composite waterproof material, a certain amount of talc powder is added to the material, so that even the spot check can not find anything, and the cost is reduced. Of course, the results can only be seen in the period after the completion of the project

to protect the domestic market, we should not only establish green barriers and quality barriers for domestic paint products, but also set up barriers for construction units. This requires the relevant parties to establish relevant and strict laws and regulations to control the quality of final consumption and ensure that the lives and properties of the people and the country are not infringed. This is not only the responsibility of the coating manufacturer, but also the responsibility of the relevant links in the whole process from raw materials to the complete consumption of the coating, so as to establish a strict barrier for itself to protect its own interests, rather than hinder development

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