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In the process of decoration, paint construction is a very important step. The wall surface is another important face in family decoration, in addition to doors and windows. If the wall is not painted well, it will become a failure in the decoration process. Xiaobian here should remind the owners not to covet small bargains and save some necessary expenses in the decoration process. Next, we Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian here summarizes the precautions for paint construction in detail

1. Try not to mix water in the construction of medium and dark emulsion paint, otherwise it is easy to have color difference

2. Plaster board joints should be bandaged

3. It is better to put cool cloth on the places with cracks on the wall

4. It is best to remove some putty on the original wall, or brush a layer of glue for sealing

5. Try to buy paint of well-known brands, and try not to use those not famous recommended by decoration companies or foremen

6. Do not brush the paint if the weather is too wet

7. Polish the paint and coating after it is completely dry

8. The next paint construction must be carried out after the previous paint is completely dry

9. The paint on the metal surface should be treated with rust prevention

10. If the weather is too cold, the paint construction quality will be poor

11. When painting the door, stick the hinge and door lock with masking paper

12. If it is too hot, pay attention to ventilation

13. When pasting wallpaper, brush oil on the wall

14. When pasting wallpaper, remove the panel of switch and socket

15. The bright and mercerized emulsion paint should be completed at one time, and the color difference is easy to appear when it is repaired

16. After the skirting line is installed, putty and latex paint should be used to repair the seam

17. Frosted glass should be protected with newspapers. Recommended reading: home decoration paint construction process

the above 17 points are some precautions in the paint decoration construction summarized for everyone. Everyone wants to live comfortably when moving into a new house, so I believe the above methods will be of great benefit to everyone. Our Wuhan home improvement website has a lot of decoration knowledge updated every day. If you want to know more specific decoration knowledge, you can log in to our Wuhan home improvement website to view more effective information. We can not only provide you with a lot of decoration knowledge that is useful to you. If you need decoration, publish decoration bidding information on our platform. We recommend three decoration schemes for you, and professional decoration designers can help you. At the same time, we also provide free room measurement services. Now you can sign up for the expert home decoration supervisor to review your budget and water and electricity acceptance for free. Learn more details www.whjzw net/zb/zxbj. html





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