Imported altobelantonio floor clock Italian Style

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Luxury but not simplicity is the biggest feature of altobel Antonio floor clock. As a well-known watch brand in Italy, altobel Antonio floor clock inherits the solid wood production process, integrates modern needs, and presents aesthetic and practical products to consumers

altobel Antonio floor Zhong is good at choosing materials and colors according to market trends, and focuses on customizing furniture for customers. Most of the pendulum clocks of gaoshuai company are made of high-quality wood with multiple colors and shapes, making each product unique

altobel Antonio floor clock has been actively advocating environmental protection, recycling and purchasing certified raw materials to the greatest extent, mainly imported natural plates from the European Union and the United States. In order to ensure sufficient supply, they will have a series of warehouses with pendulum clocks of different styles, which can deliver goods to users immediately

the Italian altobel Antonio floor pendulum clock has a two-year warranty. If there is any fault in the process of use, you can send an email or WhatsApp information in English. If the pointer does not work well or is damaged, users can remove the two screws at the bottom of the clock by themselves and mail it or hand deliver it to them. They will properly repair or replace the problem part

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