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The original sliding door was only used for the sliding door of the wardrobe in the bedroom or dressing room, but with the development of technology and the diversification of decoration means, from the traditional plate surface to glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding door, folding door to partition door

from the perspective of taste, the sliding glass door will make the room appear lighter, and the segmentation, concealment and so on are so simple but still change. Today, when we advocate getting close to nature, we can install a smooth, quiet, transparent and bright sliding door on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine and scenery

from the perspective of use, the sliding door undoubtedly greatly facilitates the space division and utilization of the room, and its reasonable push-pull design meets the compact order and rhythm that modern life stresses

1. Advantages of sliding door

advantages 1: composite function space

aluminum alloy sliding door in the use of space, the sliding door with transparent glass can not only make the function space of each part elastic out of the zone, but also a very good design in daylighting

advantage 2: neat facade

the design of aluminum alloy sliding door not only makes the entrance and exit more neat, but also makes the compartment more elastic. In terms of the picture, the space of the terrace can be an extension of the indoor space through the sliding door, and there are more choices under the overall application

advantage 3: having an open space

using the concealed sliding door, you can even easily have such an open large space, and after enjoying such an open space, you can also easily use the sliding door to give yourself a private residence without effort

advantage 4: good lighting effect and rich vision

aluminum alloy sliding door can create rich visual effects on the space due to its strong light transmission. If a sliding door of the same material as the wall is used, it will be like a wall when closed, so that the space can be separated. Once opened, all compartments can become continuous spaces; The design of sliding door also allows light and air to flow freely in the space, and it is easy to operate

II. Disadvantages of sliding doors

disadvantages 1: it is difficult to clean and repair

it is difficult to clean the sliding door, especially the concealed sliding door, which is embedded in the wall, and the internal wall is almost impossible to clean; When the sliding door track fails, it is a big problem in maintenance

disadvantage 2: poor sound insulation effect and air tightness

when we enjoy the good air permeability of the sliding door, we must bear the problem of poor sound insulation effect and air tightness. The sliding door set in the kitchen is not very good in blocking lampblack

every door and window has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different families and different groups have different definitions of the advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors. If your home is super small, saving space is the biggest advantage; If you live alone or have only a couple at home, it's not a disadvantage to have bad privacy and poor sound insulation. Sliding door is mainly used to help us solve problems. With the good use of sliding door, the appearance and living experience of the home have been steadily improved

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