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Every home decorated with heart must have the owner's expectation of a better life and the embodiment of his own taste. Together with oshilai wall cloth, let's see how some young people build beautiful homes ~

with the improvement of our material life, people's requirements for "home" are no longer limited to simple living functions, but also have more pursuits

love beauty is human nature

hope to achieve more daily functions of home in a limited space

hope to be more in line with modern people's living habits at home

at the same time, there is also the pursuit of beauty

every home decorated with heart must have the owner's expectation of a better life and self taste. Many spaces that are so beautiful that people envy and love are not many objects. Only proper design can make beauty to the extreme

let's see how some young people

build a beautiful home ~

blur the boundaries of space

compared with the concept of home in our parents' generation, today's 80s and 90s, as the mainstream people of decoration, have a higher level and level of pursuit of the quality of life, and they begin to redefine the space of home

blurring the boundaries of family space is the first visible change


more young families begin to choose open and semi open kitchens

living room

the function of the living room is no longer limited to watching TV, but more a place for family communication


the balcony can raise flowers and grass, read books and drink tea, and have leisure and entertainment

let the color shine

different color combinations will give people different feelings

color is the first impression of the senses of the whole home. If we don't master the collocation of color well, our home will appear chaotic. On the contrary, if the color of the home is well matched, it can not only show the taste and texture of the home, but also show your personality

maybe many people will find it difficult to match colors beautifully, but in fact, we can learn color matching from many places. For example, the designer version of our oushilai wall cloth has already matched the colors when it is designed and made, just choose according to the series

[jazz ・ jungle]

make an article on the wall

in addition to the general soft clothing collocation of sofa, curtain, carpet, pillow, etc., more and more young people choose to make an "article" on the wall

the vertical area of the wall is no less than the horizontal area of the ground. How can such a large wall space be filled without a little decoration

the most common, of course, is the photo wall

wall hanging plants are also a great choice

shelf hanging cabinet, increasing storage and beautifying the wall surface

choosing a more personalized wall cloth is the simplest

lighting is the effect of bgm

lighting, light and shadow, which can create a unique atmosphere for the home

[the pictures are all from "oshilai wall cloth", invasion and deletion]

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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