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China has regarded wood products as an indispensable part of home life since ancient times. The strong historical precipitation also makes the application of today's home decoration industry not only a material experience, but also a culture and a plot. With the change of consumption concept and market demand, Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has completely integrated strategic resources and brand value to create a fine craftsman healthy board? Whole house easy decoration + new retail mode

Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a brand chain enterprise integrating production and sales. Since its establishment in 2000, it has developed from a single wood products enterprise to a home decoration integrated group enterprise. Its brand: fine craftsman, the national chain store has radiated more than 800. The enterprise has won the title of Chinese national brand, and has won the "top ten brands in China's plate industry" for many times, and has become a specially invited brand in the CCTV quality column

the fashion trend in the customization era does not belong exclusively to the whole house customization enterprises, and the cross-border transformation of plate enterprises has never stopped. The whole house is easy to install +; A model of cross-border transformation of sheet metal enterprises. For a long time, the drawbacks of the whole house customization industry have been lingering pain in the hearts of consumers. The craftsman of fine materials is the first to put forward the new retail model of "easy decoration in the whole house +? Buy today and install tomorrow", forming the integration of "research, production, supply and marketing", and truly realizing the integration of home decoration, that is, what you see is what you get. This is a new mode superior to full house customization, which comprehensively solves the problems of decoration design, material selection, procurement, construction, after-sales and other problems, and overcomes the shortcomings of poor customized materials, high prices, long construction cycle, error prone and cumbersome after-sales

the whole house is easy to install +. The solid wood multi-layer aldehyde purification antibacterial board is adopted, and the new mode of rapid design + standard plate + modular assembly has formed an overall solution for indoor wardrobe, cabinet, wall panel, ceiling, wooden door and the whole house wood working system. The whole house is easy to install +, which integrates the Chinese easy culture concept and cutting-edge fashion design elements, does not forget the original intention, integrates the craftsman spirit into the installation and production, and uses ingenuity to create each easy to install product, so that high quality can enter thousands of households

4.0 in the era of industrial customization, the company grasped the pulse of the market and United Shandong Jiuding wood industry. Invest 300 million yuan to build a multi-functional modern intelligent industry of 100000 square meters, with intelligent production workshops, three-dimensional intelligent central storage, national logistics distribution centers, R & D centers and business schools, forming a modern environmental protection industrial park, which can meet the product supply and services of 2000 chain stores across the country

in the Internet + era, the company joined hands with tmall to open the o2o strategic mode of brand online and offline integration. And jointly developed with Hangzhou kujiale design enterprise - precision craftsman decoration design software platform, combined with the whole house easy to install product matching mode, through flexible combination and application, it can quickly present 720 degree renderings, so as to provide customers with a better consumption experience

craftsman of fine materials, a creator of excellent household quality, takes it as his own responsibility to create a perfect household life and a leading brand in the intelligent home decoration integration industry. With the core values of sincerity, friendliness, unity and gratitude, we create a platform for employees, create value for customers, and strive for the mission of home health and environmental protection for 1.3 billion people, leading a healthy and high-quality life

some wise men say that when a technology reaches the extreme, it can be called art. When pieces of wood "hit it off", a precious piece of wood realizes the artistic feeling of high-quality home. The craftsman of fine wood deduces the wood culture incisively and vividly

business pays credit, humanity pays sincerity, and industry pays excellence. Inheriting the spirit of Chinese ingenuity, the craftsman continues the legend

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