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The range hood can be said to be one of the necessary household appliances in modern family kitchens. The performance and convenience of the range hood largely determine the quality of the air at home and the health of housewives, so it must not be ignored. If the range hood is used for a long time, the surface and inner cavity will be full of oil dirt, which will affect its normal smoke exhaust effect. Therefore, regular and correct cleaning of the range hood is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the range hood. How should the old range hood be cleaned? What are the key points of old range hood cleaning

how should the old range hood be cleaned? 1. Cleaning the old range hood should start with the use of the range hood. Before using, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder in the two oil storage boxes, and then inject about one-third of the water. In this way, the recovered oil will float on the water, and then pour it out and do the same. Or you can put a smaller disposable oil box in the oil storage box, take out and throw away the waste oil after it is collected slowly. In addition to the first time we clean the range hood, the waste oil filters out the top layer of oil dirt, which can also be used as a detergent to wipe the body

2. Clean the fuselage. The range hood is mainly composed of casing, air duct, fan, check valve, oil collection and drainage device, lighting device, power switch and power line. It is necessary to distinguish what can be cleaned and what cannot be cleaned. First, cut off the power supply of the cigarette smoking machine to ensure the most basic safety of life. Unscrew the screws on the housing with a screwdriver, and remove the housing and the oil net. If the oil dirt on the oil net is very thick, first use a tool to gently wipe off the excess oil dirt, then put it into warm water mixed with neutral detergent, soak it for three minutes, and then wipe it with a clean rag

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3. Clean the fan blades. In addition to using lampblack, the fan blades can also be cleaned with detergent + vinegar mixture. This solution has no pollution to human body. There is also a high-pressure steam method. The specific method is to put half of the pot of cold water in the pressure cooker and heat it. When there is steam continuously discharged, take the lower limit pressure valve, open the range hood and align the steam column with the rotating fan blades, and the oily sewage will flow into the waste oil box along the oil drain tank. The turbine of the range hood is treated in the same way

key points of old range hood cleaning 1. First cut off the power supply of the range hood to ensure personal safety

2. The shell surface and net cover of the range hood shall be scrubbed with a small amount of warm water containing neutral detergent with a soft cloth. Dry it with a dry soft cloth

3. Disassembly and cleaning of the inner cavity of the gear and volute:

(1) unscrew the screws of the mesh cover plate and the mesh cover, and remove the cover plate and the mesh cover

(2) then unscrew the fastening screw of the wind wheel and take out the wind wheel

(3) soak the removed parts in warm water with neutral detergent, wash them with a soft cloth and wipe them dry

(4) use a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water with neutral detergent to wipe the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute, and then use a soft cloth to wash it and wipe it dry

(5) install the above components in the reverse order of disassembly

(6) after installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed

4. Precautions for cleaning impeller and volute:

(1) during cleaning, the motor and electrical parts cannot be flooded

(2) when cleaning, do not pull the internal connecting line with force, otherwise the connecting point will be loosened, causing electric shock

(3) it is forbidden to clean the range hood with alcohol, banana water, gasoline and other flammable solvents to prevent fire accidents

(4) when cleaning, wear rubber gloves to prevent sharp edges of metal parts from hurting people

(5) the removed parts should be handled with care to avoid deformation. Be very careful when cleaning the impeller. Do not touch or move the counterweight of the blade, otherwise, the whole machine will vibrate and the noise will increase

for those range hoods with filter screen cover, because the lampblack has been filtered before entering the interior of the appliance, the internal structure does not need to be cleaned, only the shell and filter screen cover of the appliance need to be cleaned according to the cycle specified in the manual

5. Cleaning of filter cover:

(1) unscrew the screws that fix the filter cover

(2) soak the removed filter screen cover in warm water with neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes

(3) clean the dirt in the pores of the filter screen with a soft plastic brush, and then wipe it dry with a dry rag

(4) after installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed





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